Dissociative Identity Disorder

You could be harming yourself and others around you!!

The Tragic Story of Andrea Yates

Andrea Yates was the mother of 5 beautiful children. Four boys Luke, Paul, Noah and John and a little baby girl named Mary. On June 20, 2001 Andrea Yates (who was diagnosed with postpartum depression and psychosis after the birth of Mary) drowned all 5 of her kids in the bath tub. "My children were not righteous," Yates said. "I let them stumble. They were doomed to perish in the fires of hell." Yates told authorities later on that Satan told her to kill her kids. Yates was found not guilty for reason of insanity and had been put into a mental hospital for the rest of her life. Recent updates show that she is doing much better but plans on staying in the institution .
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What is it?

Dissociative Identity disorder (also know and Multiple Personality Disorder) is when a person has suffered from early childhood extreme, repetitive, physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. This is a sever condition where two or more personality states are present in an individual.

In Andrea Yates case she was diagnosed with depression in June 1999. She was in and out of mental hospitals due to her attempts of suicide. Yates was put on Haldol for treatment. This treatment continued to work until she was stopped by her doctor on June 4th 2001, only 16 days later she would drown her five children in the bath tub in their home in Clear Lake, Texas.

Treatment Options

  • Psychotherapy- You sit down with a physiatrist to learn about what you have and your feelings, mood, thoughts, and behaviors.

  • Cognitive therapy- Best treatment for depression. They help defuse the extreme negative thoughts of a person who has depression.

  • Medication- There is no medication to treat the dissociative disorders themselves. However, a person with a dissociative disorder who also suffers from depression and treatments might benefit them.

  • Creative therapies- Art, music, ect.

  • Clinical hypnosis