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Gatsby's Parties, a taste of reality


  • Gatsby wastes $5.539.000 a year on his parties
  • Over 753 liters of champagne are wasted a year
  • Roughly 5000 people visit his parties every year, an estimated of 3,2% of those people have met Gatsby in person

The parties where the magic happens

I have never met Gatsby myself, however, I had the 'honor', or should I say horror to attend one of his parties. I thought it was going to be hard to get in, but I was surprised, and rather disappointed that it was no challenge. At first I was blinded by the glitter and the magic of it, I almost thought my fight was worthless and wrong, but I snapped out of it, and quickly came back to my senses. I was there to acquire specific information and make this whole 'circus' stop. At this point I honestly wouldn't had been surprised if an elephant would have stood in front of me.

Champagne everywhere, in and out of bottles, butterfly shaped confetti, glitters, you name it. It was all there. It looked like a candy land but for alcoholics. Which brings me to my first point: I know alcohol is forbidden and I might have my reasons to be in favor of the abolishment (we will discuss that in another episode), however, a glass of wine once in a while is fine, but this.. He could get 13 years of jail, and frankly he would deserve it! How dare he disobey the law?! It seems as this is all just a little joke to Mr. Gatsby.

Imagine all the other things that money could be spent on! Besides, I don’t think Gatsby even enjoys these parties. I think the only reason he even throws those parties is because it gives him a feeling of power. The power he holds in his hand to give these people a good time and alcohol, is the only reason he does it. Why would someone give parties every weekend and barely attend them? To be mysterious? To feel the power? Or maybe he feels the need to feed his enormous ego,with the ridiculous belief that all these people come to his parties to love and worship him, where as a fact, barely any of the have ever met him. Hum... I am usually quick with reading emotions and goals off peoples faces, but I must say he is a tough one to crack.

Detective time

To deepen my research I decided to play detective (something I have always wanted to be since my grandfather taught me to pick locks, I somehow associated that with being mysterious and detective-like but that is for another blog story). I went over to Gatsby’s house on a day I knew he wouldn't be home thanks to my resourceful information and was able to interview his ‘main employee’. At the second party I attended for this purpose, I asked a few random ‘party people’ the same questions.

The 'main employee', who proudly wore his name tag told me that working for Gatsby was great. Gatsby could be very unpredictable and be very nice on a day, and the next day barely say hello, but 'that's just how he is'. He didn't find it weird that so much money was spent, it was all normal and routine to him. However he did complain about the amount of cleaning up after a big party, but the show that is put on first is worth it, he said.

I also asked a few people at the party what they thought of the party, and the unbelievable amount of money that was being wasted. The two rather understanddable responses I received were : 'AWESOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME! Epic! AWESOOOOOOOOOME!' from a blond girl, and 'They are absolutely fabulous! Off course it isn’t a waste of money! I mean we don’t need to pay for anything! As far as I am concerned I don’t really care what happens with that money as long as I can have fun and drink booze!' from pony tailed girl.

It seems as if Gatsby has brainwashed his 'guests' as well as his employees. The guests don’t seem to notice it gives Gatsby power, nor do they seem to care as a matter of fact, as long as they are having fun. The employees are treated as dogs, however, they consider it royal treatment and don't complain about it. I feel sorry for the employees that have been brainwashed into this. However I feel no sympathy at all for those arrogant and careless party people. It disgusts me how little they think about others, and how much about themselves. They are using Gatsby. The minute he will stop throwing parties they will just find somewhere else to go, that is how simple it is. Perhaps Gatsby is aware of that, and to prevent that he keeps throwing amazing parties? Very interesting and complex.. A full psychological report shall follow once I would have acquired enough information.

Stop Gatsby's waste of money!

Saturday, March 13th 1920 at 9pm

2000 Blair Blvd

Nashville, TN

We are going to demonstrate in front of Gatsby's house, to show him what we think of him and his way of living! Come show your disgust and let's protest!

Ps. If you haven't signed the petition 'Gatsby must stop NOW', go do it right away!

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Don't forget to sign the petition, and see you at the protest!

I'm counting on you!

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