Mbuti Tribe

Life in the Congo Rainforest

Tribal Land

For two thousand years the mbuti tribe have been using there land to hunt and gather food. The Mbuti tribe is lucky as 70% of the rainforest has never been cut down.

Mbuti Tribe Diet

The Mbuti men hunt monkeys, birds and any other type of meat they can find in the vast

rainforest. whilst the woman gather berries, herbs and fruits.


The Bantu villagers produce many items that the hunter gatherers trade some of their products for. They often obtain iron goods, pots, wooden goods, and basketry, in exchange for meat, animal hides, and other forest goods. Bush meat is a particularly frequently traded item. They will also trade to obtain agricultural products from the villagers through barter. The Mbuti women trade some of their herbs and fruits for clothing. Also the men

Dangers they are facing

Across the forests of central Africa, forest peoples have lived by hunting and gathering for millennia. But in the past few decades their homelands have been devastated by logging, war and encroachment from farmers.

With expansion of protected areas in response to these problems, their livelihoods have become increasingly impossible and their strong ties to their forests are under immense threat.