Planes, Trains & Automobiles

April is all about the evolution of modern transportation!

What is your Fusion Kid up to during the month of April?

This month Fusion Kids will be going on a transportation adventure, exploring the history of planes, trains and automobiles as well as reading about some of the most famous "transportation stories" around. The Titanic will take center stage for 2 weeks in the Blue Room this month. April 14th of this year marks the 102nd anniversary of the sinking of this "unsinkable ship." It's an incredible ship, with an incredible story; one that we teach at Fusion in an age-appropriate way.

Fusion Kids will also have an opportunity to experience aerial photography and even participate in an assembly line at Henry Ford's Factory!

Lots of excitement is ahead! Get ready for another month full of learning and FUN!

Have a great month and, as always, should you have any questions or concerns please contact your Director! Thank you for your continued support! We LOVE our Fusion Families!

Take a look at OUR new LOOK!

Below is our new logo for Fusion Early Learning. This particular logo reflects what Fusion Kids are experiencing for the month (You see the plane flying around the globe)... It will change every month to give you a hint about what type of learning will be happening that month. We feel this logo represents Fusion perfectly.

We would like to take a moment and give a BIG thank you to Nikki Conley of Nikki Marie Photography & Design. She has worked tirelessly to make a logo that fits our schools and curriculum... and we are NOT easy customers to please! Please go show her some love by liking her page on facebook or visiting her website.

She is amazing at everything she does. Photography is a passion of hers, so if you are in need of some updated family pics, Nikki is your girl! She is also an incredible graphic designer. If you need a logo or marketing materials designed... she can help you out. Tell her Fusion sent ya!

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Did you know that at Fusion we have 2 ongoing fundraisers?

At Fusion Early Learning we have fallen in love with 2 wonderful companies, Usborne Books and The Juice Plus Company.

Any time you purchase a book from our Usborne website, the money we make goes directly back into our schools. The same is true when you decide to become a Juice Plus customer. All proceeds go right back where they belong... our schools.

With these additional funds we are able to bring in new programs and materials to make our schools even better. We are constantly improving; creating the very best early educational experience for you and your children.

Here are our 2 fundraising website pages: Juice Plus and Usborne Books. We encourage you to peruse each one and should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

Recommended "School to Home" books for April

Below you will find a few book suggestions. We encourage you to purchase them and read them at home with your children. This will help you bring school home and create an exciting environment of learning there too!

Discovery Camp is coming!

With this crazy weather it's hard to believe that summer is just right around the corner. At Fusion Early Learning we are already set for some serious summer fun. Visit our website to check out the awesome weekly themes coming to Roseville, Yuba City and Marysville this year!

Watch this video with YOUR Fusion Kid!

Take a moment and watch the following video about aerial photography. Jessica Ambats is a pilot AND a photographer. She captures some amazing images with her camera that you and your little one will enjoy experiencing.

Jessica Ambats - Pulse-Pounding Aerial Photography

Have you registered for Kindergarten?

If your little one is graduating this year make sure that you are in the process of registering them for Kindergarten. All Kindergartners in CA must be 5 years of age by September 1st to start school this year.

If you are looking at enrolling in a school other than your assigned public school, please take a peek at these local charter schools. They are small schools, able to work with a variety of children and their needs. Just click on the names of the schools and you will be taken to their websites:

Paragon Collegiate Academy located at 1608 Sampson Street, Marysville, CA

YES Charter Academy located at 9841 Texas Hill Road, Oregon House, CA

Twin Rivers Charter School located at 840 Cooper Avenue, Yuba City, CA

CORE The Camptonville Academy located at 321 16th Street, Marysville, CA

If you aren't sure if your child is ready for Kindergarten, please speak with your Director. Every year we have a handful of parents who make the decision to keep their preschoolers with Fusion one more year. If you think one more year of pre-k may be just what your child needs, let us know! If we have enough parents choosing to remain with us, we may offer a Transitional Kindergarten class for the 2014-2015 school year at our new Bogue Road location in YC. If you are interested in learning more about Transitional Kindergarten, please me an e-mail at

Have you checked out the Fusion BLOG lately?

If not, please make your way over: There are many different articles there for you to enjoy. AND if you like one, please share it or PIN it! Social media is a great way for you to let people know you love Fusion! We are also looking for contributors. If you have something that you would like to contribute to the Fusion BLOG let us know by sending and e-mail to

Learn more about what is happening each week in school!

Visit our website for specific details on all of the learning goals Fusion Kids are reaching for this month as well as weekly sub-themes. They are both theme-based and skill-based so your little one will walk away from the month with not only a wealth of knowledge about the world around them, but some practical skills to be put to use!

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New South Yuba City location OPENING in a matter of weeks!

Our newest location at 613 Bogue Road is FINALLY going to be starting construction! We will have this newest school open and ready for you ASAP! Connect to the Yuba City South Facebook page so that you can see ALL the progress!

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We currently have locations in Marysville, Yuba City and Roseville, CA.

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