Deans' Council Update

Butler Online Department

Online Orientations

  • 3 student sessions were conducted at BOA on two different days.

  • 1 student session was conducted at BOE.

  • 1 librarian session was conducted at BOE Library. Our exceptional librarians wanted to be prepared to assist students in Canvas.

Web-E Training Report

  • 92.86% of users college-wide have completed WebE I.

  • 89.42% of users college-wide have completed WebE I and II training and now have access to their course shells.

  • Butler Online conducted WebE I from 9:00-12:00 and WebE II from 1:00-4:00 on Sat., Aug. 29 with 9 instructors in attendance.
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SALSA Syllabus Tracker

Deans, chairs, leads and administrative assistants have been enrolled in the SALSA Syllabus Tracker. We sent access information 8/31/15.

  • Thanks to Kelly Price for providing a list of those who need access.

  • Please let us know if you need to grant access to anyone else.

Butler Zoom Landing Page

Butler now has its very own Zoom landing page. Check it out at .
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Zoom Outlook Add On

You can add Zoom to your Outlook account to start a video conference at the click of a button.

Password Resets

Butler Online set-up a table with 4 laptops to assist with password resets during the first week of class. At times all 4 were in use in addition to several students being assisted here in the office.

  • We helped students register their passwords so they can reset them in the future.

  • We also walked students through accessing their email and Office 365. Many had no idea Butler provides Office 365 to all students.
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iBOT – our reinvented INTON

Begins in the new format Sept. 1 – today – with 4 participants currently enrolled.

  • Enrollment in iBOT and EQuIP is now available on demand.

  • Registrants are required to complete WebE I & II before enrolling in iBOT.


Now that iBOT has been launched, we are beginning the development of a new and improved version of DDOC.

Butler Training Provided via Canvas

HR Mandatory Training

HR Mandatory Training is now available via Canvas by all Butler employees who are required to complete the training.

  • Submissions will be auto-graded in Canvas, saving hours of HR review time.

  • Canvas analytics will provide the results HR requires for annual reports.

Advisor Training

This is the second year Advisor Training will be provided in Canvas.


  1. Brian and Linda presented the lightboard at the SIDLIT Conference – Johnson County Community College,

  2. Demo and training were presented at Professional Development Days,

  3. Lightboards are presently being used in BOE and BOA.