Session 5: Strategic Life Planning

Your personal blueprint to clearly establish who you are!

Your Personal Leadership Development starts this Friday!

The first half of the Personal Leadership Caput is completed. Personal Leadership week 5 - 8 will now be purely about you! We will coin the coming weeks as Personal Leadership Development (PLD) from now on! PLD will be your journey of self-discovery! A discovery of your strengths, drivers, beliefs, motivators and passions! This journey will be a reflective one that will hopefully help you create immense self-awareness which in due time will provide you the tools to self-mastery and leadership of others!

Personal Leadership Development (Caput Leadership)

Friday, March 22nd 2013 at 1:45pm

91 Kralingse Zoom

Rotterdam, ZH

Same place & time as usual!

Strategic Life Planning

On Friday you will receive your Strategic Life Planning document. Your SLP will contain reflective questions relating to self, others and your future. Please view your SLP as a living document that will help you understand yourself with much depth and help you plan the life you desire and the life that best fits your unique talents.

Assessments you can use for your PLD!

Exploring and envisioning the future: Nik Baerten at TEDxUHasselt

Co-creating your future!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I best prepare for my Personal Leadership Journey starting this Friday?

A: Bring with you in your mind a bag containing 4 things: an imaginary passport, honesty, openness and your voice. That's it! And leave the rest behind!


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