Where the red fern grows

by Gage, Thane, Travis

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Billy want's two redbone coonhounds. He saves up to buy the two coon hounds. He sells vegetables to fishermen and offers them bait. When he gets the money he goes to his grandpa to buy them and his grandpa sends in his order to the man in the magazine. he is so excited to get them he walks to the town they are being delivered to. When he gets back with the dogs he trains them and they get so good they go to the championship coon hunt. They end up winning the competition. On their last coon hunt the dogs get into a fight with a mountain lion. The dogs get cut up and die. A red fern grows on their grave. Then the family moves to town.

What we thought

We thought the story had a good work ethic. It showed us if you work and work, you will achieve what you want to achieve. Billy worked and worked to get money for his dogs. Then he worked with his dogs and trained them to be the best coon hunting dogs around.

Literary devices.

Grandpa says your like Daniel Boone to Billy.

The red head bully looked like a cherry since he was so mad.

They make a reference that the ghost coon is invisible because he's there but then suddenly dissapears.

Point of view

It's in first person told by Billy.
Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls (Review) - Minute Book Report