Cultural traits

The culture of India is incredibly diverse, yet unified in that diversity. This variance is most focused on race, language, socio-culture, religion, and economy. India is a large country and has many different people entering as a result. This brings many different faiths, languages, traditions, ideas, and products into the country. Despite the extensive diversity, the people of India are unified in their differences. One example of this unity is the geography. India contains all three of the main climates of the world: the polar environment, the temperate climate, and the tropical climate. Also, there are landforms of all sorts across the country, making the land itself very distinctive. Another example of unity is religion. As stated before, the amount of people entering India allows for a large medley of culture to be implemented, including religious beliefs. The greatest part of this is that despite a significant amount of differing faiths, the followers of all these religions have learned to co-exist with each other very well.
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