Mendenhall Ice Caves, Juneau, Alaska

What is the Mendenhall ice caves?

The Mendenhall Ice Caves is 19.3 kilometre long glacier that is located in a place in Alaska called Juneau. You are allowed to enter the glacier by kayak as most of the floor is water. The caves as you might know are made out of ice and provides animals and plants shelter under and above ground. The wildlife at the top is important too as land animals live on top which keeps them safe.

How was the Mendenhall Ice caves formed?

The caves used to be a part of a river but was frozen an turned into ice. Then melted forming a cave with magnificent features that make the place look AWESOME! The place is well has deserved spot on the list.

Flora and Fauna in Mendenhalls

As stated Mendenhall shelters flora and fauna these can include,

  • salmon, which provides food for eagles and bears
  • small mammals like foxes, coyote ,porcupine , squirrel

What environmental issues are there at Mendenhall caves?

The glacier is slowly melting due to global warming. The forest near by will be completely flooded and all the wildlife in that forest will become abolished. We need to protect the beauty of the Mendenhall caves and its importance to the wildlife in the area


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