Nervous System

By: Braydon McKINDLEY and Trevor Ardillo

Main Function

It Connects All The Tissues And Organs Of Your Body To Your Brain

Main Parts

Brain, Spinal Cord, And The Nerves

What Each Part Does

The brain makes all the thoughtsThe spinal cord makes your actions And your nerves are a bundle of nerve cells

How This system affects other body systems

With out the skeletal system the nerves would not be able to be their cause the skeletal system holds it up

How other systems effect the nervous system

They do specific jobs so the nervous system does not half to do the work


It lets germs inside of your body

Effects of environmental factors on the system

The central nervous system (CNS) is designed to respond to the environment and is peculiarly vulnerable to many of the influences found in the environment.

FUN FACTS!!!!!!!!

1.their are more nerve cells in the human brain than their are stars in the Milky Way2.If we lined up all the nuerons in your body it would it would be around 600 miles long 3.The left side of your brain controls your right side and your left side controls your right side

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