Classroom News

September 31, 2015

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Notes From Mrs. Willis

  • Our lunch time has change to 12:23-12:53.
  • I need a few parent volunteers to come in a few days a week to work with students. Let me know if you can help.
  • Please make sure that the Science study guide, math spiral review, and spelling words/activities remain in your child's blue folder.

A Peek At The Week

Reading/Language Arts

Students will be able to...

  • create sentences in which the subject and verb agree
  • compare and contrast the characters, plot, and setting of two stories written by the same author
  • write a narrative piece of writing


Students will be able to...

  • add and subtract numbers within 1000 accurately using different strategies (see youtube video links for examples)


Students will be able to...

  • explain the difference between a rock and a mineral.
  • recognize the physical attributes of rocks and minerals (shape, color, and hardness)

Social Studies:

Students will be able to...

  • use a map to identify significant locations in Paul Revere's life
  • give examples of how Paul Revere showed diligence and liberty
  • explain obstacles that Paul Revere faced and how he overcame them

Mark Your Calendar

  • Book fair begins.....September 16th
  • Fall Pictures....September 16th

Helpful Websites

Common core 3-digit Addition Strategies
Subtracting up to 3 digit using place value.avi
Subtracting up to 3 digits using properties and +/- relationship.avi