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The Millers Tale

Pink Floyd - Young Lust


"Young Lust" By: Pink Floyd

I am just a new boy
A stranger in this town
Where are all the good times
Who's gonna show this stranger around?
Ooooooooh I need a dirty woman
Ooooooooh I need a dirty girl
Will some woman in this desert land
Make me feel like a real man
Take this rock and roll refugee
Oooh Babe set me free
Ooooooooh I need a dirty woman
Ooooooooh I need a dirty girl.
Ooooooooh I need a dirty woman
Ooooooooh I need a dirty girl.


Helene Knoop is one of Norway’s foremost figurative painters. She lives and works in Oslo. Knoop calls herself a ”Kitsch-painter,” and for her good Kitsch involves pathos, poetry, drama and sincerity—all communicated through the mastery of craft.

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I cannot live with You (640)

Emily Dickinson, 1830 - 1886

I cannot live with You –

It would be Life –

And Life is over there –

Behind the Shelf The Sexton keeps the Key to –

Putting up Our Life –

His Porcelain – Like a Cup –

Discarded of the Housewife –

Quaint – or Broke – A newer Sevres pleases –

Old Ones crack –

News Event

Husband Found Guilty of Wive's Murder Kills Himself in Courtroom as Judge Passes Sentence. By: Gail Shortland (The Mirror)

Mark had been married to local fifth-grade teacher Anne, 52, for 32 years. They lived in Christiansburg, Virginia, and had three grown-up children.

As the years rolled by, Mark had become increasingly controlling over his wife. Anne felt trapped in the marriage and was looking for a way out.

Before her death, Anne, 52, had reconnected with a high-school sweetheart online and rekindled their romance. Chris Crowley lived in California, but they messaged constantly and Anne was planning to end things with her husband to be with him.

Unfortunately, Mark knew about her plans. He’d grown suspicious and started to follow her everywhere. He didn’t want his wife to leave him.