Best Working Kodi Sports addons

Kodi is a wonderful media application software that provides a lot of entertainment for users. Nowadays, it is becoming very popular among people. There are tons of accessories available in Kodi. If we practice sports, there are many supplements for sports, but some of them do not work very well. Here we can provide only the best working kodi sports addons.

Wrestle Nation

Wrestle Nation is another sports accessory in this list of the best accessories for Kodi. Fans of the fight would love it and, unlike WWE on Demand, it also offers other fighting events like UFC and TNA outside of WWE. So just install it and never miss a wrestling action. You can download it from Super Repo.


Planet MMA closed a while ago, but it's back. This is the renewed version of the famous Kodi Add-on UFC Finest. Planet MMA offers all the UFC card games, old games, faceoffs and more. MMA fans can download and install Planet MMA by following the link below.


Sanctuary is the updated version of the old popular extension Oblivion. It is well known by UFC fans because you can easily see all the events paid in the UFC, as well as other sports. This incredible Kodi sports accessory presents an incredible collection of old and new sporting events.


Sub Zero is a fairly new addition to Kodi, but has been increasing in recent months and has gained great popularity among Kodi users. This is one of the must-haves for wrestling, boxing and MMA fans. This is one of the best Kodi accessories currently available for combat enthusiasts. The media library is almost disconcerting and contains everything you can dream of in the world of struggle and combat. It offers a wide range of content ranging from the Random MMA collection, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Boxing, Fight, WWE, Bellator MMA, Pride Fights, Cage Warriors and much more.

In addition to fighting and fighting, Sub Zero even has a large collection of HD movies. It also offers retro television series, children's collection and stand-up comedy, among others. If you have not tried Sub Zero yet, I recommend you definitely do it, especially if you're a fan of wrestling or MMA.