Reading and Writing

Term: 3

Unit: Theme Analysis


What did you find frustrating about this piece of work?

Something I found frustrating about this piece of work was that we always had to follow the format, and I wanted to drift away with my own ideas and I could really do that. It also was hard trying to find evidence to fit for the claim you stated.

In what ways have you gotten better at this kind of work?

I've gotten better at arguing a main theme and stating a claim to back up with supportive evidence.

What grade would you give your piece of work and why?

I would give my piece of work a proficient because I followed all of the criteria, and I had supportive facts to back up the main theme.

What would you like to spend more time on in school?

I would like to spend more time on parts of speech, I understand the basics, and a little bit of the others, but I want to become proficient and succeed highly.

What might you want next year's teacher to know about you (what things you're good at)?

I would like my teachers to know that I'm willing to help others in need, and I'm willing to do extra educational work if needed.

What things you might want more help with?

In reading and writing I want more help with comprehending and enriching my vocabulary to the next level of my ability.

Summary of my Novel

A teenager named Stephen Quinn grew up as a salvager in wasteland once known as the United States. A disease that they call The Eleventh Plague, or P11 for short, spread throughout the world causing injuries and deaths. The whole world became a wasteland with all of the power going out, houses and buildings being abandoned, and people dying every second. Stephen and his dad use all of their effort to do whatever it takes to stay alive. One day, Stephen's dad gets a head injury that puts him in a coma. Stephen then has to look out for himself and his dad who is now hopeless. Stephen is seen with his dad after the accident and is taken back to a small town that is safe. Stephen thinks it's too good to be real, but then trouble begins in the town.

Did I like my book?

Yes, I liked my book because it was a very different plot setting then I'm used to. Since it took place after the war between the Chinese and the US, the whole country was dead, barely anything left. It was an uplifting book and tought great life lessons on why people are more important to you then you think.

Favorite Activity This Semester

My favorite activity was doing our book clubs. It was nice being able to discuss what you read with others, instead of always being independent. I also liked the activity that followed, which was where we had to redesign and creat a new book cover for our book club books. It was fun to be creative and visualize our learning.

Extra Information


Ms. Schmidt’s Focus Questions

Here are some questions you can ask your child about reading and writing class:

-What book did you read for your theme analysis essay? Can you show me your book flyer?

-What is the central theme of your novel?

-How do you make a convincing argument? What are the main components of argument writing?


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