Beach Buddies' Bulletin

April 27-May 1

It's May! Wow---so hard to believe! I have worked on a May calendar for about 3 days now...things keep getting changed and added! It is indeed a BUSY month. I will finalize and send the calendar home on Monday. It was a very special week with our Pen Pal trip on Thursday.

Pen Pal Field Trip

I tried hard to document parts of our trip on Thursday with pictures and videos. Each group of pen pals made a video about their animal. Right now those videos are at TIES and the awesome tech people there are helping us get the videos into the classrooms soon. I can't wait to share the amazing animal videos with you! They are pretty great! Meanwhile, our pen pal teacher (my cousin!!) made a slideshow with some pics from the day. There are a few more pics of her kinder kids...but we are in there quite a bit too! :) It will give you a little glimpse into our day. Click the link below to view.

Mrs. Neibergall's Pen Pal Slide Show

Our Three Words

On Friday you received a letter about the "Three Words" we are collecting for an end of the year video. We watched some examples in school and I have added a few below as well. Please send in your words and any "props" to school by this Friday, May 8th. Thanks for your help!
Your Three Words: 'My Morning Scene'
Your Three Words: 'Flowers and Football Tops'


We are focusing more on writing on the traditional "dotted handwriting" lines in prep for first grade. Being a very "developmental skill" - it is still tricky for some. Often it will click more in first grade when kids are ready for this...but we still like to practice and expose the kindergartners to these lines so they feel more confident next year.

Book Bags

How are your books bags going at home? Remember, these home-to-school books are at your child's reading level and are great practice for first grade. The kindergartners select books independently, so be sure to let me know if books are too hard, too easy, or lacking variety. I can help to guide your kindergartner in this process.

Star Words

Let me know if you are ready for some new star words in your folder. I would be glad to add more!

Beach Buddies Gathering

On May 27th we will be having our Kindergarten Concert. BEFORE the concert, our class will be meeting in our classroom at 5:15. We will have a little class "show" and then view a movie of memories from the year. You won't to miss this! We then will need to be at the high school by 6:15 for our 6:30 kindergarten concert with all the others K classes.

Upcoming Dates - LOTS ahead! Mark your calendars!

Wednesday, May 6 - Awareness Wednesday - Wear ORANGE!

Friday, May 8 - Arts and Academics 7:30-8:30 AM

Friday, May 15 - Como Zoo Trip

Wednesday, May 27th - Beach Buddy Gathering and K Concert

Friday, May 29th - Fun and Fitness 12:00-12:45 AHS Track

Next week we will finish learning about plant growth and bring our sunflowers home. We will also read and learn more about worms, spiders, and flies. Hope to see you on Friday for Arts and Academics. Have a great week!

Wishing you peace

and everything good,