2015 Fashion Marketing Review

Nana Evison Period 1

The Adidas Campaign for the World Cup in 2014

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What is the Adidas campaign? Why was the Adidas campaign significant?

For the FIFA World Cup in 2014, Adidas uploaded several videos to YouTube which included several well-known football players which were planned to air during the World Cup. Adidas also tweeted different events and created real life visuals for social channels in different languages to get the attentions of as many as Twitter users as possible. It was supported by the All or Nothing commercials, which were targeted to gain the attention by viewers, by asking them if they were #Allin or give nothing. This campaign was significant because it helped them gain a lot of social growth.

TopShop Campaign

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The retailer of Topshop used social media to boost online/offline efforts while their fashion week campaign were going on. For the campaign, Topshop invited customers to show their looks using #TopshopWindow and all of the pictures that were uploaded using the hash tag were showcased on a triple screen in the window of the Topshop in Oxford circus store.

Marc Jacobs Campaign

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The #MJDaisyChain campaign started in London, where a lot of attention was brought to Marc Jacob's Daisy perfume. People could get free deluxe samples of the Daisy perfume, if they tweeted #MJDaisyChain. It also gave Twitter a chance to win Marc Jacobs bags and jewelry if they created the most inspiring photos on Twitter using their own unique hash tags. The campaign generated a lot of buzz and Marc Jacobs reached peak levels of organic reach


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Burberry launched the Burberry Kisses project along with Google, to highlight their expand of their make up collection. In result, they boosted their brand value and created a lot of buzz.

Gap Campaign

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Gap enticed even more customers when they collaborated with Groupon and created irresistible deals, which was $50 of Gap apparel was priced to $25. Gap used several social channels to promote their deals, and in result 441,000 Groupons were sold, which totaled to 11 million dollars.