November 23rd Jefferson Journal

Newsletter Nov 23rd

Upcoming Events

November 24th, 25th, 26th: NO SCHOOL

November 30th: Bridging Brighter Smiles at school

December 13th: PTO Meeting at 5:30pm in Library

December 23rd- January 2nd: Winter Break NO SCHOOL

Kaum Ib Hli 24, 25, 26: TSI MUAJ KAWM NTAWV

Kaum Ib Hli 30: Muaj Kuaj Na

Kaum Ob Hli: Nam Txiv Nai Khu Saablaaj thaum 5:30 tsaus ntuj

Kaum Ob Hli 23- Ib Hli 2: SU TSI MUAJ KAWM NTAWV

Remember to check out the Thomas Jefferson School calendar on the website to view what is going on at the school. The button below will take you to the calendar.

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Leader in Me

On Friday 11/19/2021 Thomas Jefferson revealed our first mural. Our focus is on habit one "To Be Proactive." Below is a picture of the mural. Also below is the news clip from WAOW.

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Bridging Brighter Smiles

Bridging Brighter Smiles is holding their next dental clinic at Thomas Jefferson Elementary on:

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

It is not too late to enroll! Get your Fall smiles ready!

Sign up online at:

Professional Dental Services Provided Right at School Include:

  • Oral Screening
  • Dental Cleaning
  • Fluoride Varnish Application
  • Dental Sealant Placement
  • Silver Diamine Fluoride Application
  • Oral Health Education
  • Referral Assistance

Forward Health (BadgerCare) Accepted!

(Other Private Dental Insurance Not Accepted)

Not sure if your child is enrolled, or due for care? Call Bridging Brighter Smiles at 262-896-9891, or email


¡Reciba atención dental en la escuela!

El programa Bridging Brighter Smiles ofrece:

  • Examen Oral
  • Limpieza
  • Aplicadorde Flúor(decaimiento prevención)
  • Selladores(cavidad prevención)
  • Fluoride Diamino de Plata
  • Educación para la Salud Dental
  • Referencia de Ayuda

Bridging Brighter Smiles ofreces servicios de prevención dental en lasescuelas para estudiantes desde Pre-K hasta 12 grado.

En promedio, el servicio es dado a los estudiantes participantes dos o tres veces por año escolar.

Forward Health(BadgerCare) acepta!

(No aceptamos seguros dentales privados)


Si tiene preguntas o preocupaciones sobre sus derechos de privacidad contenidos en esta Notificación, favor de contactarse alOficial de Privacidad de Bridging Brighter Smiles al 262-896-9891.

PTO Information

Next Meeting December 13th 5:30pm in the Library

Please check out these opportunities to help out with the PTO!!

1.) Please fill out your background check so you can volunteer: Volunteer

2.) Follow on Facebook: Thomas Jefferson Jaguars PTO

Please consider helping at our upcoming Family night event on December 6th. To be successful we need more volunteers to help with popcorn making, serving hot chocolate, and helping with the ornament project. If anyone is interested in donating a raffle basket please let me know. Please see the sign up link below!

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Job Opening

Want a job that works with your children's schedule?
Want to make a difference in the lives of the student's you work with?
Want your summers and holidays off to spend with your family?

Thomas Jefferson is looking for someone to join our amazing team. Please checkout the link below to apply or call with any question you may have.

COVID-19 Testing in the Wausau School District

The Wausau School District is offering free PCR COVID-19 testing to all students, staff, and even the immediate family members of students and staff.


  • When? While testing began Monday, November 1, 2021, two mobile units will be available for COVID-19 testing starting Monday, November 8, 2021. The schedules for those units are below.
  • Who is eligible for testing? All Wausau School District students, their immediate family members, District staff, along with their immediate family members, who are either symptomatic for COVID-19 or close contacts of someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.
  • What does the testing cost? Nothing. It will cost nothing to receive a COVID-19 PCR test. It is being paid for by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS).
  • Will the Wausau School District test my child(ren) without my consent? Absolutely not. No student will ever be tested for COVID-19 without the consent of a parent/guardian.
  • Who is doing the testing? The staff from COVID CLINIC is administering the COVID-19 PCR tests. They're provided to the District through DHS.
  • If I'm a staff member, student, or immediate family member of a staff member or student, how do I obtain a test?
    • For students: Parents have a couple of options for their child(ren). Parents can fill out a consent form below and drop it off at their child(ren)'s school. Parents could also bring their child(ren) to the mobile units for testing. There, they will be able to register their child(ren) for testing, or they could pre-register them at the link below.
    • For staff and immediate family members: Staff members and/or immediate family members can either pre-register at the link below, or they can show up to the mobile units to register.
  • What kind of COVID-19 testing do the mobile units do? The mobile units do both antigen and PCR testing. However, the Wausau School District only accepts a negative PCR test on a student with symptoms.

  • How long will it take to get results back on a PCR testing? The time is very dependent on the volume of tests the lab is processing. Right now, ( as of November5, 2021) it's taking 2-3 days to get results. If a patient does not see their results within 36 hours, they are being asked to reach out to DHS. Here's the contact information. Please note this is only for PCR results.

    Phone: (866) 419-6988, 8 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday to Friday

  • Is any of this paid for by the District? No. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services is paying for the mobile units and to staff them, along with, paying for all of the testing.

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Leader in Me

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Returning back to school from Quarantine

If your student has been Quarantined because of being ill and they received a negative PCR Covid test or alternate medical diagnosis from a medical practitioner, please send test results and any medical documentation to our Health Aide, Megan Bach, at . Please contact Megan and send the test results and medical documentation BEFORE sending your student back to school. Any questions, please email Megan and/or call the Health Office at 715-261-0186.

Thank you so much!!

Link to WSD Covid Dashboard, Elementary and Secondary Matrices

As we enter the 2021-22 school year, the Wausau School District is offering the highest quality educational experience for students. We are taking several steps to monitor and mitigate the spread of COVID. We are also taking steps to minimize the time lost to quarantines.

We are working with the Marathon County Health Department to monitor and mitigate the spread of the virus in our community and our schools and will revisit our protocols as necessary at any point during the school year. Public health is a whole community effort and the District can not be successful on our own. Below are some practices that families can take, as well as, the school district.

Wausau School District COVID-19 Information


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Bussing Questions??

We are happy to help answer bussing questions as best we can. Often times, however, First Student Bus Company is your best first contact.

First Student Contact Information:

715-842-2268 Phone

715-845-5155 Fax

First Student policy required ALL bus riders to wear a face mask. If your student is a bus rider, please make sure they have a mask for the before and after school bus ride.

Field Trips require all riders to wear a mask. Please remember to have a couple masks in your students backpack so they are prepared when attending field trips.

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The Wausau School District (WSD) offers a variety of educational options to students who reside within District attendance boundaries. The District’s primary educational pathway and instructional program involves a progression from 4-Year-Old Kindergarten through 12th grade, leading to a high school diploma. Some of the specific educational programs offered to eligible students enrolled in and attending a District school include:  Early-childhood special education (for those students at least 3-years-old but not yet school age)  Special education for students with disabilities  English Language Learner programs  Gifted and Talented (GT) education  Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs  Individualized program and curricular modifications  Alternative education programs for at-risk students (students identified as being at-risk of not graduating from high school)  Summer learning programming  Charter schools  Virtual education program Wausau School District schools include: 4K Learning Academies – G.D. Jones, Hawthorn Hills, Riverview, Thomas Jefferson Franklin Elementary Riverview Elementary Grant Elementary South Mountain Elementary Hawthorn Hills Elementary Stettin Elementary Hewitt-Texas Elementary Wausau Area Montessori Charter (WAMCS) (K-6) Thomas Jefferson Elementary Horace Mann Middle G.D. Jones Elementary John Muir Middle Lincoln Elementary Enrich Excel Achieve Learning Academy (EEA) (6-12) Maine Elementary Wausau East High John Marshall Elementary Wausau West High Rib Mountain Elementary Wausau Area Virtual Education (WAVE) (6-12) The District’s most recent school and school district accountability reports, as issued by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction under section 115.385 of state statutes, can be accessed at Under the “District” heading, scroll down and select “Wausau.” You can then select the report card for the District or for any school within the District. Educational options for WSD students involving part-time attendance at an educational institution other than a WSD school include:  The Early College Credit Program, which allows Wisconsin public and private high school students to take one or more courses at an institution of higher education for high school and/or college credit. “Institution of higher education” means an institution within the University of Wisconsin System, a tribally controlled college, or a private, nonprofit institution of higher education located in the state.  The Start College Now Program, which allows Wisconsin public school students who have finished 10th grade and are in good standing to take one or more courses at a state technical college.  Part-Time Open Enrollment, which allows a student enrolled in a public school in the high school grades to attend public school in a nonresident school district for the purpose of taking a course offered by the nonresident school district. A student may attend no more than two courses at any time in nonresident school districts. For WSD students residing within the boundaries of the District, additional full-time educational options that are not a school or instrumentality of the District include:  High school students meeting certain age and other eligibility requirements may be permitted to attend a technical college or certain other programs for the purpose of completing a program leading to a high school diploma or a high school equivalency diploma.  Full-time Open Enrollment involving physical attendance in a public school of a nonresident district or attendance through a virtual charter school associated with a nonresident district.  A student with a disability who meets eligibility requirements may apply to attend an eligible, participating private school under a scholarship awarded through the state’s Special Needs Scholarship Program as established under section 115.7915 of state statutes.  Enrollment in a private school of the family’s choosing (at the family’s own cost, as applicable).  Enrollment in a home-based private educational program as provided under state law. Educational options for children who reside in the WSD and who are enrolled in and attending a private school or home-based private educational program include:  The opportunity to attend WSD summer learning programming.  The opportunity to apply for approval to take up to two courses per semester in a WSD school subject to sufficient space, pursuant to section 118.145(4) of state statutes.  A student involved in a home-based private educational program may participate in WSD interscholastic athletics pursuant to section 118.113 of state statutes. For more information about any of these educational opportunities, please contact the Education Department of the Wausau School District at 715-261-0527.

Staff Directory

Principal Mr. Johnson

Secretary Mrs. Tammy Steckling

Building/ Office para Mrs. Colette Tranchita

Health Aid:

Ms. Megan Bach-

Pupil Services

Counselor: Ms. Sue Doerr

Social worker: Mrs. Morgan Knetter

Psychologist: Mrs. Amanda Melville

Bridge Room Coordinator: Ms. Amber Sparby

4K Staff

Mrs. Amber Channel

Ms. Samantha Kniess

Mrs. BreAnne Wais

Mrs. Renee Krautkramer

Mrs. May Xiong

Kindergarten Teachers

Mrs. April Voigt

Mrs. Kelly Hummel

Mrs. Katelyn Veith.

1st Grade Teachers

Mrs. Diana Gartzke

Mrs Deb Treager

Mr. Matt Schilling

2nd Grade Teachers

Mrs. Diane Eder

Mrs. Carrie Helke

Mrs. Taylor Frank

3rd Grade Teachers

Mrs. Jill Ebersold

Mrs. Sandy Knoll

Mrs. Heather Trollop

4th Grade Teachers

Mrs. Leslie Ninnemann

Mrs. Kary Riggs

5the Grade Teachers

Mrs. Jen Davidson

Ms. Emily Fritz

Encore Team

Art- Jennifer Lingford

Gym- Christin Sullivan

Science- Tori Dienger

Music- Sana Wressell

Library- Jennifer Moore

Special Education

Mrs. Justine Callahan

Mrs. Kim Ickert

Mrs. Jennifer Faust

Gifted & Talented

Mrs. Cheryl Borta-


Mrs. Paokee Xiong.

Mrs. Lisa Alexander

Mrs. Halle Veenstra-

Title I

Mrs. Amy Akey-

Mrs. Trenny Frahm-


Mrs. Michelle Debot

Translation support

Mrs. Eileen Thao

The Wausau School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, creed, pregnancy, marital status, parental status, sexual orientation, sex (including transgender status, change of sex or gender identity), or physical, mental, emotional, or learning disability (“Protected Classes”).