Project- Asia

coach.Crafton, 1st per. Hunter Piedlau

(slide2) China

(slide3) china

- chinas government is a communist country, the people are affected by this because it effects their everyday life.

- the economy is very market based and capitalist based economy.

- the climate; the summers are short and the winters are long.

(slide4) china

- united states trades with china, china has many rare resources and effects the US with supply and demand, china exports and trades with US.

the US relies on china for trading in natural resources.

(slide5) japan

(slide6) japan

- japans government is a constitutional monarchy, it has three branches, the government effects china because the government basically chooses japans lifestyle.

japan does have pop soverty but its most of the governments choice for japans future.

- japans climate is very sturdy, in the winter its dry, in the spring its warm, in autumn its chilly. japan is the most fuel efficient country in the world.

- japans economy is very trade friendly, they are one of the top exports/ producers for cars and fuel efficient cars.

(slide7) japan

they use capsule hotels for over crowding and more efficient hotels and their purpose.

the capsule type hotels are very efficient and actually save money and space.

(slide8) north korea

(slide9) north korea

-north korea is a communist/ one man dictatorship, the government has its pros and cons. north koreas communist government effects the people in ways like; they don't get to pick their primaries economy, they are tight when it comes to education.

-their economy is controlled by their government, their economy is very social due to their enclosed country, earned by agriculture, producing manufacturing, and others.

(slide10) north korea

north korea posses nuclear bombs and creates conflict, korea threatens the US with nuclear power.

(slide11) south korea

(slide12) south korea

-south korea has three branches, executive, judicial, and legislative, the government is good because they can't do anything without the peoples permission/ consent, politics are judged by what the people have to say.

- the economic activities have advanced tromindistly, and have become a huge economic based country.

- korea has rainny summers and cold winters, typhoons can happen during summer. the mountains of korea cause problems with the people.

(slide13) south korea

south koreas kids are very studious and are hard working, they are successful because of their school systems and their responsibility to strive for good grades.

(slide14) taiwan

(slide15) taiwan

- taiwan is a democracy, it was ceded by japan in the treaty of san fransisco in 1952.

- taiwan has been one of the biggest economy since ww2, it is one of the largest importers in the world.

(slide16) taiwan

1283- the yuan dynasty claimed the penghu islands

1592- japan was unsuccessful in seeking soveirnty over taiwan

1626- Spain sent an expedition to sentissima trinidad and built fort san Salvador

1787-1788- lin shuagwen rebellion suppressed for 9 months of consistent battling

1875- taiwan is divided into 2 prefectures, north and south