Disability Doesn't Matter


Her Story

Imagine, never being able to talk or to express your emotions, being looked at as a dumb little kid, well she was. She wanted to be known for the educated kid that she was. When the teachers let her come into the "normal student class" they let her sit in the back and not participate. She wasn't aloud to express her emotions, without screaming or r crying. No one knew she was smart except for Mrs. Valencia, who went out of her way to help Melody become the student she wanted to be. Finally, her parents let her have a machine that helped her talk and participate in class. Later in her school year, she was smart enough to participate in competitions and won them all. One day, her team mates left her behind on the plane trip. She became a normal student and lived the rest of her life ignoring every one else's doubts.
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Meet Melody

Saturday, March 21st, 9am-2:30pm

122 North Elm Street

Greensboro, NC

You can drop in and meet Melody while she tells her story. She will participate in group activities to show that even if you are disabled you can come. There are no age limits or limits to your athletic abilities.