great wall of china

about the great wall

the first emperor Qin commaned that a strong wall be built 30 feet wide and 50 feet high.

Qin forst thousand people to build it by hand.the workers are not paid.and the work was very hard!rocks fell on the ether injering them or even killing them,more then one million people died working on the great wall of china.If the rock killed them thay would bury them under sections of the great wall.the bad thing about the great wall was that more than 1,million people died.the good thing about the great wall is it kept bad poeple out.if trease passers came thay are usly in shooting range.

the good thing abut the great wall was it hept trease passers out.
the bad thing about the great wall was that lots of people died buiding it.
Everything You Need to Know About the Great Wall of China

this vidio show what emper created the northen part of the great wall.

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