The Squire

October 2019


Taylor P. Wrye, Principal

Amy Gallagher, Lead Teacher

Important Dates


8 - BOE Meeting @ 7 pm

10 - 12:15 dismissal - Professional Development

14 - No School - Indigenous Peoples Day

21 - Picture Re-take with O'Conner Studios

25 - Logic Block

25 - Grade 6 Mystic Seaport

25 - Grade 7 CT Science Center


1- Q1 Ends

4- Q2 Starts

5- No School - Professional Development

12- BOE Meeting @ 7 pm

13- 12:15 dismissal - Afternoon Parent-Teacher Conferences

14- 12:15 dismissal - Afternoon & Evening Parent-Teacher Conferences

22 - Logic Block

27 - 12:15 Dismissal - Thanksgiving Break

28 & 29 - No School - Thanksgiving Break


6 - Grade 8 Newport, RI Field Trip

10 - BOE Meeting @ 7 pm

11- Computer Science Celebration

16 - Youth Awareness Day

23 - 12:15 Dismissal - December Vacation

24 to 30 - No School - December Vacation

** Check the school calendar on our website for the most up to date information on school events **

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Principal's Desk

Hello Westbrook Middle School,

This school year is off to a fantastic start! For the second year in a row during the first week the staff and students focused on relationship building with the #1st3Days program. We also had a well attended open house, the 5th grade received their Chromebooks, and the annual pasta dinner was a huge success, despite the poor weather that evening, thanks to Mrs. Selmont, WMS teachers, and the PTO parents. We’ve already had two fantastic speakers: Mike Lupica and Aaron Polanski, present to our students thanks in part to donations from the PTO. On a more somber note, my beloved Red Sox did not make it into the MLB playoffs, and as a result, I had to wear a New York Yankees shirt for an ENTIRE DAY last week!

A few weeks ago I shared a document with the community about updating and modernizing our core values. I have attached the letter and the link to the survey below. Please take a moment to look it over and share your opinion. Your voice is important and will help make Westbrook Middle School a more wonderful place!

Letter -

Survey -

I want to remind all parents that they need to pull their cars up to the second crosswalk during the morning drop off and afternoon pickup. Parents should not drop students in the lower parking lot, teacher parking lot, or bus lane. These areas need to be clear for moving traffic. Also, the handicap accessible parking spots in the lower parking lot are for cars that have handicap permits only. These spots are not appropriate places to drop children off or to wait for your child. These spots are critical to those who need access to them.

Now that we are in the middle of Q1, we encourage you to regularly check your child's grades on Powerschool and his/her assignments posted on Google Classroom. Also, we are teaching our students how to proficiently use Google Calendar to keep track of important dates. It is essential to review your child’s work and to stay up to date. Parent-Teacher Conferences will be on the afternoon of November 13th and the afternoon and evening of the 14th. Teachers are always available to meet during team time every day as well. Please contact the grade level team leader or Amy Spagone, our school counselor, to schedule an appointment.

Have a happy and healthy fall!

Taylor P. Wrye, Principal

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A reminder that Chromebook Insurance is only good for one school year!

If you wish to still sign up for Chromebook Insurance it is not too late! Use the link below and submit it to the main office.'

Contact the Tech Dept. if you have any questions.

September Student & Athlete of the Month

In addition to recognizing all of our outstanding students with the Student of the Month award, this year, in collaboration with the Atheltic Department, we will acknowledge the hard work of one male and one female student-athlete.

5th - Julia DeSousa

6th - Gracie Magnano-Bailow

7th - Matthew Izzo

8th - Elliot Koplas

Art - Catalina Martinez Mora

Band - Daniel Cruz

Chorus - Giovanna Silva

Computer Science - Alyssa Leandri

FACS- Eli Susi

French - Tatiana Borges

Health - Megan Bache

Library - Emily Bonner

Physical Education - David Lopez

Spanish - Naomi Perrone-Gray

Tech / STEM - Trinity-Walton-Fosque

Athlete of the Month - Derick Novillo - Soccer

Athlete of the Month - Abby Demers - Field Hockey

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Aaron Polanski

Mike Lupica


Each year students participate in a monthly Logic Block session with their homeroom. Logic Block is a period where students bond with their homeroom and engage in problem solving activities that foster flexible thinking, effective communication, and teamwork. We believe students learn resilience, teamwork, and communication skills best when they are given opportunities to engage in challenging, hands-on activities that require creative solutions.

Reminders from the Main Office

  • Bus Passes are for daycare purposes only, not for afterschool get-togethers w/friends. A phone call or note must be sent in to request a bus pass for daycare purposes

  • All Students coming into school after 7:45 must report to the office first to get a late pass before going to HR/classes

  • Lost & Found Items – Clothing found is placed in the Cafeteria and placed on the stage. Smaller items are kept in the office

  • All information for sports practices, games and their location (directions) can be found on the school page under the tab Departments and then Athletics. Please search there for information before calling the Main Office. Updates are also sent as necessary via School Messenger.


*Mental Health Awareness Week for grade 8 will kick off the week of October 21st. Mrs. Spagone and our WYFS counseling interns will facilitate this program through Erika's Lighthouse, consisting of 3 lessons October 21, 22 and 23, and daily activities geared toward adolescent depression. This program provides youth-oriented materials that raise awareness, encourage conversation and promote early identification and prevention.

*Representatives from Middletown High School's Voag program and Vinal Technical High School will meet with grade 8 students on October 17 and 24.

*We welcome our new students and staff to Westbrook at our New Student & Staff Breakfast on October 11th, provided by Mrs. Spagone, Cooper Medeiros, Luis Lamas-Carreto, Miranda Perrone-Gray, Gracie Magnani-Bailowand, and Michael Susi.

Planning for our upcoming Youth Awareness Day has begun. On December 16th, students grades 5-8 will attend a fun day of workshops promoting physical and mental wellness.



“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

-Thomas Merton.

Our first semester together has been filled with immense creativity! Students of all grades have joined art club and produced wonderful works in their classes as well.

Grade 5 began their Romero Britto inspired pictures. This Miami artist’s mission is to restore happiness to the world. He hopes when you look at one of his works you remember something positive in your life. Britto intertwines Cubism, Pop Art, and graffiti to make his unique style. Most students were drawn to representing animals or the human form in this fun style. Following this assignment, students made clay slab bowls with a variety of glazes and textures. They look great!

Grade 6 began their perspective desert landscapes. Students learned about animals that live in our U.S. desert habitats. They included five of these animals in their pictures. Can you find them? This assignment was a mixed media project which means students used multiple art materials to complete it. We hope you like them!

7th graders completed birch tree paintings using painter’s tape, acrylic paint and cardstock paper. They learned that these trees are used for firewood, basketball courts, shampoos and cosmetics. Students are now working on their pointillism pictures where they create an image entirely of dots. This style of art was created by Georges Seurat, a post impressionist painter.

8th grade started their Wassily Kandinsky renditions where they had to convey emotion through objects and color. They also intertwined hidden objects to make their pictures even more exciting. Students then began the lesson “Letters into Objects” where they had to morph letters that make up a word into the objects themselves. They look amazing!

Great job to all students thus far!

-Mrs. Cole

Music Corner

From Chorus:

Students in Fifth through Eighth Grade Choruses all working hard on the music for the December concert. All students are working on music in two and three parts. This year the 5th and 6th Grade Choruses will combine for many pieces. You can look forward to hearing “Yonder Come Day” a spiritual from the Georgia Sea Islands and “When the Lights All Shine” a more modern piece. Students in the 7th and 8th Grade choruses are also combining for their concert. The music chosen is varied with a song written from the Baroque time period (1600-1750) in Latin called “Cum Sancto Spiritu” and a “Sleigh Bells” based on a Russian folksong.

Important Dates:

Tuesday, December 3, 2019 6:00 p.m. 5th and 6th Grade Concert

Thursday, December 5, 2019 6:00 p.m. 7th and 8th Grade Concert

Saturday, December 7, 2019 Time TBD - Southern Region Auditions

Sunday, December 8, 2019 - Students in Grades 5-7 have been invited to sing at the Westbrook Tree Lighting.

Students in Grades 6-8 who wish to audition for Southern Regional Festival in chorus need to speak to Ms. Floyd by the end of the month. The auditions are in December and the festival takes place in March of 2020. This is a truly wonderful opportunity for students to sing in a large ensemble with students from the southern part of the state.

Here are some pictures of the choruses from the first day of school.

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From Band:

Band is in full swing right now. Students have instruments, method books and much to practice. The practice expectation is 75 minutes per week at a minimum. They should be filling out practice logs and getting them signed by a guardian at the end of the week.

Here are some important dates to keep in mind:

Wednesday, November 20, 2019 5:30 p.m. Optional Fall Arts Night Performances

Tuesday, December 3, 2019 6:00 p.m. 5th and 6th Grade Concert

Thursday, December 5, 2019 6:00 p.m. 7th and 8th Grade Concert

Saturday, December 7, 2019 Time TBD - Southern Region Auditions

The Southern Region Music Festival auditions are in two months. Interested students should see Mr. Talmadge immediately. There is only one more month left where students can sign up; registration closes on November 8. Here’s a link to find out more. CMEA

Here are some pictures of the bands.

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Big picture
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Library News

Mike Lupica visits Westbrook! Yes, “The” Mike Lupica came to share, not only his latest book, Strike Zone, a follow up to the book, Heat, but the many life lessons he has learned throughout his life. Known in the adult world as a sportswriter, commentator on radio and television, and a weekly correspondent for MSNBC as well as ESPN, he shared how he began writing for young adults. He explained how one event, could change a person’s life with a chance opportunity! Students that purchased the book were able to meet with him after the presentation for a signing! After our visit, he went to visit high school students in the library.

Book Fair – Special thanks for Mrs. Bache, Mrs. Brigham, and Mrs. Baker for your time to make the book fair a success. The students and adults alike were very excited about bringing home a new book. If you were not able to purchase one of the books, check out the display of Scholastic books added to our library, to check out.

Governor’s Reading Challenge

Congratulations to our middle school readers who participated in this year’s Governor’s Summer Reading Challenge. As part of our summer reading program each year, we participate in the state program with a summer reading form to write the titles of books read (or listened to) over the summer.

All participants will receive a certificate from Governor Malloy. Great job! Congratulations to all of our readers and keep up the reading habit!

Get Your Paws On a Great Book! – That’s the message as you enter the library. Not sure what to read next? Check out what students are recommending on the bulletin board. There are also links on the library media web page that will bring you to award and widely read book websites for more suggestions. If you read one of the great Nutmeg 2020 nominated books and did not want it to end, there’s a solution in the library. Many of the Nutmeg books have sequels!

Grade 5 students discovered all about their new library with a scavenger hunt that took them to the special collections like Non-Fiction Hot Picks, Newbery Award, Classics, Short Story, Graphic Novels, Biography, and Graphic Novels! They are enjoying visiting the library!

Sixth grade students started the year with a Scavenger Hunt to review using Destiny’s online catalog and locating books. They also created websites using Google Sites to share their summer reading book with the class and make a list of books to read.

Students in 7th and 8th grade had a review of creating MLA Works Cited and parenthetical citations are being introduced to eighth graders.

Please contact Mrs. Goad at with any questions.

Happy Reading!

Mrs. Goad

Mr. Gombos - Health & Physical Education

In Physical education:

5th grade PE we are establishing norms, working on teamwork and sportsmanship and moving into our pickleball unit. here we are establishing our eastern grip and volleying in game-like situations.

8th grade PE we have started to allow the students to pick the units they will cover. They are offered every choice we have in the school and the students then elect units to cover this semester. One class is finishing fishing and moving on to golf. While the other is finishing tennis and moving on to ultimate football.

6th Grade Health students have wrapped up their video presentations on the cardiorespiratory system. Here they focused on the blood flow to and from the heart, and the gas exchange at the lungs and at the cells. There were so many great projects but one of my favorites is below.

Up next is covering the dangers of skin cancer and bringing home a handout to advocate to their family about the importance of sunscreen and sun safety, and what to look for in regards to melanoma through a simple self-assessment.

7th grade Health students have completed the digestive system and are now covering the opioid epidemic. They will be learning about the science behind addiction, dangers of prescription opioid abuse and then creating a PSA focusing on ending the epidemic.

Mr. Marshall - Health & Physical Education

In physical education we have set up the Westbrook driving range and students have been able to work on their golf game. We have also been playing team handball and speedball and will be moving into our tennis unit in the coming weeks. Reminder that all students are required to change after class and bring deodorant. This is part of their grade!!

8th grade Health:

Students have just completed their debate on marijuana legalization and are currently working on an advocacy project. They are allowed to advocate for any positive health choices they wish, so ask your student what they chose.

5th grade health:

Students have set goals and made videos about them that they will watch when they are in 8th grade health. We are currently learning about decisions and how their decisions affect their goals.

Family Consumer Science (FCS)

I am so grateful to teach at Westbrook Middle School.

I chose to become a FCS teacher because I am passionate about nutrition and wellness. My goal is to empower students with the knowledge & skills to live healthy lives. I believe how we eat affects the way we think, look, feel, and play. Even though our students are young, they are not too young to think about what they put in their bodies.

I love teaching at WMS. We have a great principal, great teachers, & awesome kids

The year is off to a great start in FCS class. We have completed projects in consumerism, families, banking, budgeting, baby sitting, and advertising. Now, we are working hard to learn how to sew.

After we finish sewing we will begin to learn about food, nutrition, and wellness.

Computer Science

Students are really working hard in Computer Science, and it shows! 5th grade has been working mostly offline, looking at the 4 steps of problem solving and then applying the strategy to different problems - like a seating chart for a birthday party. We have started practicing their problem solving skills with some basic block coding. 6th graders are learning html and have started writing and coding their own websites. Hopefully we will have some fabulous pages to share with the next Squire. 7th graders have started animating using JavaScript Blocks. We have been learning about dot notation, sprites, and are just starting to learn how to move our sprites around on screen. Have your kids show off their work. 8th graders have been learning design by creating mockups for the Student of the Month boards. They have been learning how to scan images, edit images, create a theme, and how to make a digital design before bringing it to life on paper. If you are in the school, be sure to check out the Student of the Month board in the Cafe Hallway.

S.T.E.A.M. - Science,Technology, Engineering, Art, Math with Mr. Abbott

Grade 8

Eighth grade students are designing and building an Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle.
Seventh Grade- Students are designing and building a S.T.E.A.M. Challenge course that incorporates simple machines they are learning about.
Big picture
Sixth Grade- Students are designing individual Co2 model Dragster cars.
Fifth Grade - Students have designed and are making Soda bottle rockets.
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Spanish - Señora Cassidy

5th Grade

Semester 1 students are wrapping up greetings, numbers, alphabet, and other vocabulary. Soon they will be creating their very own weather forecast video in Spanish using new vocabulary.

6th Grade

Students celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month with Taco Day. They are now working on the verb “ser” with its many applications in Spanish.

7th Grade

Students just finished wrapping up a review on 5th and 6th grade Spanish. They are now headed towards new vocabulary and projects.

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Spanish - Señora Ferro

6th Grade Spanish

Students started the year off with fun getting to know you activities. We learned many new interesting facts about one another and have enjoyed our time together! We have been reviewing many different topics from 5th grade such as greetings, introductions, origin, numbers, sounds/pronunciations, and weather expressions. We will be starting favorite pastimes, likes and dislikes within the next coming weeks. Our favorite class activity is using Flipgrid!

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8th Grade Spanish

Students started off the year by talking about what they did this past summer. They had fun guessing who did what, and so did I! We just finished an extensive review of 7th-grade topics. We will begin a unit on Ecuador soon in which students will learn about housing vocabulary, and traditions. Our favorite class activity is and many other educational Spanish Games!

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Grade 5: Students have and will learn greetings, basic conversation, numbers 0-50, colors and the alphabet in a friendly “gaming” environment. They have also been introduced to French culture and how similar and different it is from their own.

Grade 6: Students have learned classroom vocabulary, which will be used as a “jumping board” for them to participate in a French mini-play focusing on the classroom.

Grade 7: Students have learned ER verbs and are going to be introduced to daily activities; they will use this knowledge to create their own VLOG about their daily activities.

Grade 8: Students have begun to learn school subjects and how to have conversations about their school life in French; this will lead to the students’ participation in a mini-play centering around school life.


Science 5

Fifth grade students are studying properties of matter. several mystery substances were observed, measured and tested. Scientists liked using the new microscopes. Solubility was tested and the topic of over saturation discussed. Looks like students will oversaturate water with sugar and they know what that means,.,.ROCK CANDY!!!!

Language Arts 5

In Language Arts, we are currently reading the novel Wonder written by R.J. Palacio. Wonder is a heartwarming story about a young boy with a facial difference struggling to be accepted by his peers. In addition to the vital message the book sends, it is used to reinforce various teaching skills such as theme, figurative language, point of view & author’s craft. Students have been learning to navigate Google Classroom to respond to various literature - based questions. Additionally, making predictions and supporting their thoughts with evidence from the text are also supported. Wonder emphasizes “choose kind”, which is something reinforced daily in our classrooms! The novel lends itself to launching our Narrative Writing Unit, which we will be starting shortly.

Social Studies 5

In Social Studies, Grade 5 students have been "All In" while studying geography this fall. Topics such as continents, oceans, hemispheres, longitude, latitude and the Prime Meridian have been examined globally. The focus narrowed, picked up rigor and the course of study shifted its scope homeward to the United States. Amateur geographers chose a region to embark on an in depth study of each region's climate, states, capitals, geographic features, fun facts and even a current event. Maps were brilliantly and accurately displayed as students dressed up as citizens of each region even bringing in some delicious local dishes.
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Math 5

We began our school year in the Grade 5 math classroom building relationships and integrating literature into our learning of math. Students built towers with Dream Something Big, the story of the Watts Tower, by Diana Hutts Aston and they created exquisite masterpieces after listening to Shape of the World, a portrait of Frank Lloyd Wright, by K.L. Going. Then we rounded out our first week learning the first steps to the skill and art of juggling, which will continue throughout the year as students advance into decimal operations. As September progressed students evaluated expressions and solved equations with multiplication and order of operations. In addition students were engaged in finding the volume of various rectangular prisms using area of the base x height and factor trees to help generate the possible combinations of cartons in Brad’s Baseball Business!


Science 6

Students have started the year with Inquiry, focusing on the use of scientific method and variable application. We spent the first weeks using this information in lab activities, often generating graphs from our data. We continue to apply graphing fundamentals and provide support for these skills. Early this month, we will start our Matter unit, which will take us through the next six or so weeks.

Math 6

The sixth graders are off to a great start. They have learned how to write their homework in Google Calendar. They are working on IXL in class and at home. Our first unit in Common Core is Ratios. Students used several different manipulatives to show the meaning of ratios. They also discovered how GCF is related to fractions.

Language Arts 6

Language arts is off to a great start this year. Grade 6 students used one of their summer reading books to created a google site. These sites included important events, a character analysis and a personal review. After that, students shared with each other and used this to create a wish list of books they hope to read in the future.

Students will be heading to Mystic Seaport on October 25, 2019. The students are reading The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by Avi. This is an exciting adventure about a 13 year old girl who takes a Transatlantic journey from England to Providence R.I. in 1832. As the only passenger on the ship with bitter and decrepit sailors out for revenge, and a vicious, murderous captain, Charlotte realizes that things aren’t always as they seem! As a culmination of the novel, we will visit Mystic Seaport where students will experience what life was like during the 1800’s. We attend the field trip regardless of the weather, and it can be quite breezy on the water in October so please make sure your child dresses appropriately. You will be receiving a permission slip with additional information on 10/14/19.
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Geography 6

Students have begun the year with a review of their Geographic knowledge and skills. So far we have completed small research projects, map making, the 5 Themes of Geography Collage and a brief introduction on the events of September 11th. We will continue with latitude and longitude, scale and different types of maps. Shortly we will begin preparing for the school-wide Geography Bee which will be held in late December.


Language Arts 7

Students are currently reading the classic The Giver by Lois Lowry. We begin the year with this whole class novel unit so as to have a common text to refer to for the rest of the year. Students are focusing on investigating how the setting/mood/atmosphere and its changes impact characters’ actions, as well as vice versa - the characters’ impact on mood and atmosphere.

Math 7

Students have begun their study of rational numbers by examining integers. The students have applied their knowledge of integers with real-life applications, and solving addition and subtraction equations.

Science 7

7th grade students ended September with a stream survey. We have begun our lessons on cell functions and structures. Students will study diffusion and osmosis, as well as make a model of a cell

Social Studies 7

Students have been examining the geography of Western Europe and how it impacted the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome.
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Social Studies 8

It has been quite a productive start to the school year here in the social studies classroom! Students have been practicing their digital citizenship through the use of tools such as Google calendar, email, and the consistent use of Google classroom and checking grades on Powerschool. I strongly encourage you to look at these with your own child so you can see how they are digitally involved with the classroom. Our content has been focused on Westward expansion and homesteading, and we are moving on to the American Industrial Revolution/Gilded Age, including the Titans of Industry. The skills students are focusing on at this point are sourcing a document, close reading/viewing, and strong communication through writing. On a more personal level, they are practicing mindfulness techniques and self awareness/accountability as a student and a citizen. I have seen encouraging growth in all areas from your children throughout this first month of school. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.


  • Veterans Day 11/11 - still looking for volunteer speakers!
  • Newport Field Trip - December 6th
  • Geography Bee - class competitions in November - School-wide Bee December 23rd

Ms. Liz Renaud

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Math 8

Grade eight math students started the year with a review of integers, exponents, the order of operations and rational numbers. They are currently learning about perfect squares, square roots, and irrational numbers. Next, students will study perfect cubes, cube roots, scientific notation and properties of exponents. In the next unit, they will learn how to solve problems using The Pythagorean Theorem. Algebra I students began the year with a review of integers, rational numbers and the order of operations. Next, they studied properties of numbers and learned how to solve equations with variables on both sides. They are currently learning how to solve for one variable in terms of another before beginning a unit about percents and percent change.

Science 8

8th grade science is kicking off our first unit with a “Culinary Mystery!” We have witnessed a baking contest gone wrong, with one contestants cake impacted. We are learning about different substances, properties, and chemical reactions in the kitchen, and beyond! We started with a review of the atom, atomic model and how we, as scientists, use the periodic table. Throughout our chemistry unit we will be working to solve the “culinary mystery” while learning about important concepts in chemistry.

Our school year started with great fun and exploration in the classroom. We have already built paper bridges to learn about the engineering design process and perform a few of our own investigations to review our graphing skills. We have a lot to look forward to this year in 8th grade science. Our goal is to realize that science exists all around us, every single day!

Lastly, we have completed our first puzzle! Throughout the school year 8th grade students can always find a jigsaw puzzle to work on in my classroom during homeroom, or has become a hit!

Language Arts 8

We are currently wrapping up our first unit on Building a Reading Life. We have been working hard to build an independent reading habit and to self-select engaging books. Students should be bringing their independent reading books home nightly and reading regularly at home.

Next week we will begin one of our only whole class novels of the year, The Outsiders, and will start gathering evidence for our first round of literary analysis essays.

Please make sure students are returning books to our classroom library that they are no longer reading so that we can get them into the hands of new readers. We gladly accept book donations if you have any books your children have loved and are ready for a new home!


Robotics Club

Students are currently assembling Lego Mindstorm Robots. Then they will learn how to program the robots to navigate a challenge course.
Big picture

Drama Club

Our Drama students have begun rehearsing for our first show of the year: Fall Arts Night. We will be doing short skits, monologues, and even a few show tunes this year. Be sure to come to this free, family friendly event. Not only will you get great dramatic entertainment, but singing, bands, art, and food. We are also starting to prepare for our Spring Musical. Any parents interested in helping with scene or costume design should email



The WMS field hockey team is thrilled to have so many new faces to the sport. With three returning players and fourteen girls who are new to field hockey, a large focus early in the season has been learning the rules and fundamentals of the game. The team welcomed a high school official to practice to review the rules of the game and has been attending high school games to see the sport in action. The girls have grown leaps and bounds since their first day on the field. This year's team is coached by Westbrook Middle/ High School special education teacher, Kara Lessandrine, and 8th grade English teacher, Abby Fredrickson. Coach L played as a defender for Branford High School against Coach Fredrickson who played in goal for the Knights. Coach Fredrickson is thrilled to be returning to the Westbrook field hockey field.


The Westbrook Middle School Boys Soccer team has started 2019 with a bang under the leadership of head coach Joe Campbell. Westbrook won its first 3 contests doubling up each of their opponents. Westbrook even got a huge monkey off its back by beating a traditionally strong Jonathan Winthrop team for the first time in years. The sqaud currently stands at 3 and 1 and anxiously await the games scheduled in October.

The team is led by a core of 7 strong 8th grade athletes. They started the season as strong individual players but are learning to gel as a cohesive unit. They are learning important leadership skills both on and off the field.

As we are not strong in numbers of upper classmen, the 7th graders are getting opportunities to show their skill and match abilities with the 8th grade class, specifically in the backend of the pitch. Their continued growth bodes well for the future of our program.

The 6th grade class shows tremendous upside and is getting their chances to shine. They will reap the benefits in the years to come.

It is an exciting time for the Knights and as a whole, our mantra this month is bring on October.


WMS girls soccer is now under way with 25 players. While a couple of injuries to key 8th grade players stings the girls are practicing hard and finally got on the pitch versus a strong Lyme/Old Lyme MS squad and showed great promise.

The team is led by 8th graders Emma Bransfield, Emily Downie, Hannah Freund, Simone Morris, Miranda Perone Gray, Leticia Pires and Keyla Prisley. A promising group of 7th graders fills in the starting spots and substitution roles to provide great promise for the Knights this season,. An energetic group of 6th graders keeps practices fun and lively. Currently the team is led by interim coaches Teg Cosgriff and Kelly Landino.