The British Pound

Caroline & Millie

What is the country's central bank?

Bank of England

What is the exchange rate of this currency to US Dollar? Euro?

1.44$-U.S dollar & 1.30$-Euro

Which nations are your country's top trading?

US, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Ireland.

What are your country's top industries?

Machines, oil, vehicles, gems, pharmaceuticals.

Export vs. Import totals per year?

Exports-$435 billion & Imports-$628 billion
  • U.S. eggs are illegal in Britain because they are washed, and British eggs are illegal in the U.S. because they are not.
  • There's a 'Rent a Mourner' service in the UK to fill your funeral with fake friends.
  • Kate Middleton is credited with boosting the UK Economy by I billion pound in 2012.
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Kate Middleton has credited to bring up the British economy up by 1 billion pound in 2012.