Bus Safety

How To Behave On The Bus

Why Bus Safety?

Bus Safety is essential to ensuring your child's safety, and it is the mission of Jones County and Mattie Wells Elementary to ensure that your child gets to school and back to your home safe and sound! Below we will go over how your child should act on and off the bus!

Rules for Bus Safety!

Rules that apply to your child on and off the bus include:

1) Keeping your personal space, and not physically contacting anyone on the bus

2) Keeping your feet and belongings out of the aisle

3) Looking both ways before crossing the street

4) No throwing objects in or out of the bus

5) No screaming, yelling, or inappropriate language on the bus

Some of our best Bus Drivers!

They're Here To Keep Your Kids Safe!!

Why should I look both ways? Why should I sit still? These are frequently asked question from your students have for our bus drivers. As you sit down with your child and go over the rules and regulations, it is imperative as the child's parents to divulge into the "whys."