2015 Year in Review

Haley Tonizzo Marketing 1 Pd. 3

Top 3 Best Marketed Brands/Companies

Vineyard Vines: This brand is based in Martha's Vineyard, MA and sells all kinds of preppy clothing and accessories. I thought this brand marketed themselves extremely well because I had never heard about it until this year. All of a sudden everyone was wearing shirts and sweaters with a little whale on the chest.

ALS: Fundraising for this disease (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) was a huge hit in 2015 with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Videos were taken of people dumping a bucket of ice water over their head in order to make people aware of this disease and how they can help...and they went viral.

Coca-Cola: This popular soda brand came up with a very creative way to promote their brand last year; putting "share a coke with..." and a name on the back of the bottle. This added a sort of personal touch to the company making customers stay loyal to the brand.

2 Best Products

iPhone 6

Alex and Ani

2 Worst Products

Hover Board


Top 2 Movies of 2015

Star Wars The Force Awakens: This movie was marketed everywhere. Since Disney made this movie, they contributed in commercials, ads, and much more. Ads were all over social media and so many people were promoting it. In addition, amazing amounts of Star Wars memorabilia and swag was made and sold. Since Star Wars fans span 3 generations, earlier generations have influenced the newer ones; promoting the movies without even knowing.


Minions: This movie is mostly targeted towards young children and families so that's how they marketed. Hilarious commercials and trailers caught the attention of millions. Tons of minion swag has been made and sold and people are eating it up. Chiquita bananas and Tic Tac helped with the marketing of this movie by putting minions on the stickers of the bananas and dressing the Tic Tac bottle as a minion. Many other companies marketed for the minions such as Juicy Drop Pop, Twinkies, and McDonald's.


Top 2 Music Artists

Justin Bieber: The 21-year-old teen heartthrob made it big in 2015. Instead of singing songs appealing to only 13-year-olds, he broadened his music, appealing to people of all ages. He uses curiosity to pull people in and pay attention to him, along with his songs being played all over the radio.

Fetty Wap: This 24-year-old rapper also hit it big last year. Everyone loved him after his song Trap Queen. After that, lines in the song became famous and sayings of many teenagers. He was first found on SoundCloud, then YouTube, and then on to social media and finally the radio.

Billboard's Hot 100

1. Hello- Adele

2. Sorry- Justin Bieber

3. Hotline Bling- Drake

4. What Do You Mean?- Justin Bieber

5. Love Yourself- Justin Bieber

My New Year's Resolution

Personal Improvement: I would like to eat healthier and exercise more. I would also like to get better at the sports I play.

Family and Friends: This year I would like to get even closer with my friends and create a better bond and friendship with them. Also, I would like to get along with my sister better.

School: I would like to work harder and get better grades as well as create a better bond between my teachers and myself.