References to Lit in Walk Two Moons

By Erin Redding

Summary of Walk Two Moons

Sharon Creech's Walk Two Moons is about Sal, a 13 year old girl who is traveling to Lewiston, Idaho with her grandparents to try and find her mom. On the way to Lewiston, Sal tells her grandparents the story of Pheobe Winterbottom.

Thesis Statement

Throughout the novel Walk Two Moons, Sharon Creech uses references to literature to give the reader more information about Sal's feelings.

the little horse is newlY

One of the literary pieces that sal relates to is "the lisle horse is newlY". In this poem there are 2 lines that Sal relates to. "Born he knows nothing and feels everything"(Cummings) and "In this world he's smoothbeautifully"(Cummings). This poem is like Sal's new feelings for a boy named Ben, she has feelings for him, but she doesn't know what they are. This shows when Sal has the urge to kiss him. "I don't know what came over me. I was going to kiss him"(Creech 198). The smoothbeautifully folded world represents some where perfect, somewhere where you don't want to leave. This is shown when Ben is reading Sal's palm and says that she could stay there forever. "He was saying 'Hm' and tracing the lines on my palm with his finger. It gave me the shivers, but not in an entirely unpleasant way. The sun was beating down on us, and i thought it might be nice to stay there forever with him running his finger along my palm like that. I thought about the horse who knows nothing but feels everything. I thought about the smooth beautifully folded world."(Creech 124). Using this piece of literature, Sharon Creech gives the reader more information about Sal's feelings for Ben.

Pandora's Box

Another literary piece that Sal relates to is Pandora's Box. In the story of Pandora's Box, Pandora is is given a box which she is told never to open. One day, Pandora gives in and opens it. All the bad things in the world start to fly out. Pandora closes the box just in time to keep the one good thing in the box ,in the box... Hope. Sal thought that there might've been a box opposite of Pandora's; filled with good things, but with a bad thing at the bottom. If this box was opened, everything would be fine until the bad thing came out. This made Sal think about her mother's stillborn. "My mother, my father, and i all seemed fine and happy at our house until the baby died."(Creech 175). Sharon Creech used this piece of literature to let the reader know more about how Sal felt about the baby.