Celebrating Our Partnership

With Faculty & Staff During National School Counselor Week!

Join us Today for Cocoa and Cookies! 11:15 in the School Counseling Office

Stop by today for some hot chocolate and sweet snacks before PD. It's our way of thanking you for your collaboration and work with us, and a chance to say hello and catch up!
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Day 3: Personal/Social Development

This domain of the School Counseling Program is designed to help students grow as individuals through self-reflection and interact positively with their world and the people in it. Throughout this domain, students will learn to maintain a healthy balance in their personal, mental, and physical well-being, and acquire the individual strength to live to be their best selves. This domain is broken up into three categories: Understanding Yourself, Developing Soft Skills, and Overcoming Personal Challenges. Today's theme is Understanding Yourself.

Here are some of the objectives in the School Counseling Program for "Understanding Yourself"

What does this look like?

Much of counselors' work with students is rooted in relationship building and getting to know them as individuals. In this process, we ask them lots of questions and encourage them to reflect on numerous aspects of their personalities and interests. Through formal and informal conversations that we all have with students, we are continually striving to make personal connections with them. Those connections are part of what helps build students' confidence in themselves and positive memories of WHS.

What is your approach to helping students understand themselves and build their identity?

We'd love to hear from you and continue to strengthen our partnership!