Vote Thomas Jefferson For President

By: Seth Montandon

Democratic Republicans

The Democratic Republican Candidate for 1800 is Thomas Jefferson! We believe In States rights and smaller national governments we will let you do more what you want not make you do what we think is best for you. We also believe in helping France in their revolution. We will repeal the Alien and Sedition acts to make sure that you rights are upheld and not taken away by one man, the current President of these United States John Adams!


The Federalist Candidate is John Adams. They believe in keeping the national government large and powerful over the states. They will make the Government larger than it is and make you do what they think is best. They will NOT repeal the Alien and Sedition acts and will keep on making sure your rights are NOT followed! Do you want that? NO do NOT vote John Adams unless you hate your rights and do not wish for a free dominant country!

The Candidates!!!