The Land Of Money

Come On Down

Are you in a huge amount of debt? Tired of getting harassed by the king? Well come on down to Georgia, where you can pay your bills as needed.

Resources and Geography

Our resources are one of the best in the colony, we can grow rice for food and indigo for clothes. Plus our land is ideal for growing plants. We have beautiful sights to see, like high mountains, or the water as the sun sets. You won't be disappointed when you come to Georgia.

About us

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Aside from being "The land of Money", we are also the warmest colony of them all. We never get cold winters , but our summers are nice and mild. So come to Georgia where you will never see another drop of snow again!

Reasons of Founding

Back in Britan, people were getting tired of the king telling them when to pay their bills. So they gathered some people who had the same problem and left to Georgia. If you go to Georgia your life will be much easier.


There are a wide variety of jobs here in Georgia. For example you could be a craftsmen, bricklayer; a person who builds houses, a blacksmith or a shoemaker, You could even be a potter. These jobs pay well so you could have money to support your family.


Our economy is the best in the business! You'll be able to pay your debt in no time! Our economy includes: tobacco, cotton, vegetables, grain, fruit, and livestock, you'll never go into hunger or debt in Georgia!


At first poor Georgians weren't allowed to vote. Only about 50 years later everyone was able to participate in the government and make rules we think are good for us.



"Great place to be man."


"There are amazing mountain views to look at ." 4 *


"I for one think this colony is the best. They have amazing jobs and fun activities for the family." 5 *