Play Scooter-Ball Now!

It's a best way to have fun!

It's simply relaxing, yet fun!

Scooterball is a brand new game that is full of fun! The rules are simple! It's just:

  1. You must stay on your scooter unless you are hit

  2. If you fall off the scooter or are hit with a ball, you are out

  3. If you’re out, you have to hula-hoop for one minute without stopping

  4. If the hula-hoop falls 5 times, you are out of the game

  5. You cannot cross the line separating the 2 teams

To start, you get scooters for everyone and decide on a border between teams. Next, you make two teams of five and put five hula-hoops on each side in case you get out. After that, get on your scooters and have some fun!

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This game is used by most families in the U.S.A!

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Surprise! All you need are...

Scooterballs® are not responsible for any injuries caused while playing this game