Message from the Superintendent

Dr. Cindy Bennett

November 2021

Happy Fall to All!

Vance County Schools continues to push forward after the pandemic and we are hopeful that you are also beginning to see the decline in the number of cases in our state and in our county. We have been carefully tracking and monitoring the number of reported cases of COVID-19 for many months. Data is archived on the website. We are not letting our guard down, but the metrics are very hopeful.

I continue to urge families and students to get the vaccine if you are able to do so. As of November 2, 2021, there is a vaccine available for those ages 5 and older. We are beginning to see our state and county track increases in the number of vaccinations administered; this is very positive news. Vance County Schools is still committed to using layers of protection for students and staff. We will not relax those expectations until the medical community advises us to do so.

We need our students attending school on a regular basis. I must encourage you to ensure that your child or children are present for school everyday unless they are sick or have an excusable absence. I ask that you establish new routines (or refresh previous ones) to ensure that students arrive on time and are ready to learn. We recognize the areas of concern within our standards and teachers are working diligently to close any holes or gaps in understanding. The technology devices continue to be a part of our regular school day and students are encouraged to take their devices home.

We need your assistance in reminding our students of the importance of the safe keeping of laptops or touchscreen devices. This technology tool is a primary element of our teaching and learning process. Students are using them during the day and oftentimes have tasks that can be completed on them at night. I also ask that you monitor the use of the devices for their selection of appropriate sites. The district has Go Guardian, a security software service that indicates sites visited. While this is helpful, it is not as powerful as the watchful eye of a parent or guardian. Discuss with your child or teenager the importance of safety while searching and the risks associated with providing information that identifies who they are and where they live.

We are thankful for your support and trust. It is our priority to provide every child with the best possible education and experiences so that they are able to create the future they so deserve.

---Thankful, Grateful and Blessed to partner with you---

Focus, Inspire, Create.