A Wrinkle in Time

How it really went down...

There's more planets like ours

Uriel is a planet in a wrinkle in time. Uriel sybolizes beauty. With Uriel's light and golden colors, the sunlit field, the mountain top lost in fluffy white cloulds, and the air of such inefable peace and joy symbolizes beauty beacuse the nature there is like a dream to us. Its true beauty. "She pushed her glasses up on her nose to reassure herself that what she was seeing was real." (pg. 67) This shows that even Meg could not believe what she was seeing.

Point of View

This book has the 3rd person point of view. It's mostly focused on Meg. " Well, we can't see without it. Meg said realizing that she was completely unable to explain vision and light and dark."(pg. 200) As you can see from the text Meg was the main focus and that we can see her thought, how she feels, and other things.

Hope and Chloe's English Project


The lesson or theme in this book is that love can conquer all. "She loves me . suddenly she knew. She knew! Love." (pg. 228) This book is teaching the lesson that love is stronger than hate. That if you have love you can conquer anything.