2015 Highlights

the best and worst of 2015 - Akare Burks

Companies that best market themselves

Apple-Apple has clear commercials about their products. They're good at getting to the point on what they are trying to sell. Apple uses testimonial endorsements towards audiences to help sell their products. Apple has good inventions like the iphone6 and apple watch.

Nike-One of the top brands that feature testimonials and endorsements. Nike releases the greatest shoes endorsed by the best players in the NBA.


Marvel- Marvel advertises the most exciting commercials for their movies. To top it off their movie are even better. Marvel movies keep me on the edge of my seat.

Best Products 2015

Apple watch-The apple watch made about a $1 billion in the year it came out. Apple's earnings for the Apple Watch has surpassed Apple's other inventions, including: iPhone, iPad, Mac, and other Apple products.

2k16-The best version of the whole 2k franchise. 2k16 is the most realistic game out of the whole series, showing the high graphic detail and seeing the players sweat. It makes you want to compete against other players and want to be the best player.

Worst Products of 2015

Hoverboard- although the Hoverboard is a good idea, the actual product is terrible. The Hoverboard is unsafe and actually a danger because it catches fire. There are tons of video about the unsafe invention.

Gun-shaped iPhone case-this new phone case is a terrible idea because gun violence is at an all-time high. Kids today already think guns are awesome, now they can have a phone case in the shape of a gun. They'll bring it to school and get suspended or even expelled and ruin their life in the future.


Top Movies of 2015

Creed- I have not seen this movie yet but I heard great things about this movie. I heard this movie made more than half of the money it got to make the movie. This movie received a 93% on rotten tomatoes and made the top 100 movies. Creed was placed as 33.

Straight Outta Compton-One of the best movies of the year. This is a must see movie and pretty sure people have already seen it by now. This movie got great reviews from critics.


Top Artists

Fetty Wap-Created songs that are still sung today. He has a great beat and good voice. Fetty Wap markets himself by putting his new songs on the most popular apps that play music. His songs include My Way, Again, Trap Queen, Merry Xmas, and other good songs.

The Weeknd-He is placed as number 4 as Top 100 Artists Chart on Billboard. The Weeknd has a different style that attracts many people to listen to his music. This is how he markets himself. The Weeknd has the most popular songs of 2015.


Top 5 Worst Movies

1.Fantastic Four (2015)


3.Jupiter Ascending

4.The Age of Adaline



New Year's Resolution

Personal Improvement-I will improve my academics in school so I can get into a good college. I will also improve my studying and focusing in and outside of class.

Family and friends-I will make a lot more friends this year and make sure I leave a legacy at CVHS.

School and outside world-I will improve my academics in school. Outside of school, I will make the most out of life and try to save up for something that I will do big.