Magic is at the tip of your brush

By Amanda Sullivan

A Mango Shaped Space

A novel by Wendy Mass

Realistic Fiction

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"The colors immediately and gently flow over me, energizing me, reminding me that I can still enjoy them. The glossy red-barnlike color of the violin, the silvery-bluish white of the flute, the school-bus yellow of the French horn. All of them layering on top of one another, changing, shifting, belonging, at that minute, only to me."

Painting with Mia’s brushes is just what you need to find your creative side. You get taken into a world in your mind, that not everyone can go to. The colors will fly around in your head, pushing your limits to create something new. Although these paintbrushes don't possess any form of magic, but they bring out the magic within you. They might seem like any ordinary paintbrushes, but it is what you make of them with your imagination, which makes them so special. Mia’s synthesia is strongest when she is painting with these brushes, the colors and shapes fill up her head making her be reminded of her grandfather. When she thinks of her grandfather it makes her remember of the old days when he was alive.