Francis Lewis Summer Support

Implementation Manager Update

Dear iLearn Schools,

Thank you so much for a very successful year in implementing iLearn. Time flies when your having fun. Please note that my last day of the school year will be June 26. I will not be returning until September 3.

I will be available on a minimum basis for support.

All communications for the summer should be sent to Arlene Francis Scarder (, who will be handling the Francis Lewis Cohort for the Summer.

"Where the innovation never stops!"

Summer 2013 Reminders


1. Identify highly qualified teachers and send them to vendor training. See our full Summer PD Calendar with registration links below. Teachers who attend training after June 26th will be paid per session.
2. Identify your building technician for next year. If you do not have a full time tech on staff, please look into hiring a part time CUNY tech. To learn more, click HERE .
3. Identify your programmer and send them and one administrator to Administrative Console training (also listed on our calendar below).

Professional Development Calendar:

Please visit