Chris Farley

Comedian and Actor

Intresting Facts

-Christopher Crosby Farley was born February,16 1964 in Madison, Wisconsin to a family of 5.

-He then studied improv before starting Saturday night live in 1990 and worked there for 5 years which he appeared in movies like Waynes world (1992), Coneheads (1993),Billy Madison (1995) and finally Tommy Boy (1995) with his comic partner David Spade.

-He later took the lead in Beverly Hills Ninja (1997) with Chris rock.

-Even with growing fame , his problems grew bigger as well, he had problems with drugs and alcohol.

-He later died on December,18,1997 (at age 33) of a overdose.

-But even after his death his story continued to inspire many people all over the world

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