TCEA Day 3

February 3rd 2016

Exhibition Show Floor

More than 450 education and technology vendors will showcase their products and services during TCEA 2016. You will find resources and solutions for instructional and administrative software, hardware, technology management, staff development, curriculum resources, security, and more.

My Schedule

-Exhibition Show Floor

-Eat a Street Burger

-Exhibition Show Floor

Exhibition Show Floor Part 1

The show floor at TCEA was full of great new resources, technologies, and services for classrooms, schools, and districts. We visited 450 booths and picked up information and samples from at least 1/3 of those. I culled out the ones that only I would like, ones that we would all like, ones that some of you might might like, and then tossed the rest. I will be bringing all of this stuff back for the staff to peruse, but will provide a short summary of it all here.

Products and Services We Might All Like

Scribe Sense-A grading service that follows FERPA guidelines. Scan the students work from any subject and send it to them and they will grade it for you. They then save it to a student portfolio for easy access.

Haskell-Some great classroom seating solutions. *Nods at Shaver*

Eventzee-A photo or qr code scavenger hunt for student iPads combined with high level questioning.

SMART Amp-Something that I have been wanting for a longtime. Combines your SMART Board and the student's iPads and allows you to work together as a whole class. Functions the same as the SMART Notebook software we already use but now lets the students add their work with their iPads. It's all web based so it's totally FREE!

CollegeWeek Live-A virtual college fair where college administrators talk to students about the importance of college through video chat.

STEMfinity-STEM professional development and FREE GRANT WRITING ASSISTANCE!

COMIC Life 3-A cross curricular comic creation app

PEG Writing-a platform for writing instruction. Has writing prompts, interactive lessons, pre-writing, scoring, and student feedback.

impero-a very robust MDM with a slew of monitoring options.

Project Foundry-essentially a Showbie/Edmodo (sans the social media aspect) for project based learning.

Scholastic-Uh... well sure, we all know Scholastic, but did you know of all their digital content?

AVID Education-Audio solutions for students. Cheap, quality headphones.

STAAR Test Maker-STAAR item banks. Only $1.85 per student. I snagged a couple sample tests discs.

Attainment Company-Provides a whole bunch of products of special needs students.

So I saved this last one because I think that many of you will like this. We are constantly being bombarded with new programs and services and are expected to figure it out. is a professional development site that has tutorial videos for ALL of these things. It will teach how to effectively use these programs and services and even features a student side so the kids can be kept current too!

Content Specific Resources


Mathletics-an online K-12 math resource designed to support teachers and students 24/7. Has courses aligned with TEKS, the ability to embed digital manipulatives and visuals, immediate feedback, corrective feedback with a bank of scaffolded examples, and hundreds of e-books.

Pitsco Education MATH Connections-Addresses TEKS that reference "Real-World" problems. Students learn by doing and what this company provides is a ton of small group, team based activities that reinforce understanding of math concepts. I snagged a sample bag for a project on prisms and pyramids if the math folks want to mess with it.


Reading A-Z and Vocabulary A-Z-Over 1,500 leveled readers, thousands of lesson plans, an extensive collection of assessments, and hundreds of resources categorized for targeting reading instruction.

LEGO Education Story Starters-Built on state standards, LEGO Story Starter are unique LEGO sets that are combined with curriculum and software designed to teach students the basic mechanics of a well composed story and offers students a foundation to build and share their own story using LEGO bricks as their toolbox.

Kurzweil 3000 firefly-Provides students with online reading, comprehension, writing, and test taking support.

SCIENCE learn science while building literacy and math skills. It hasn't launched yet but aims to be a mixture of science texts and Brain-Pop.

Science A-Z-Comprehensive units on all science disciplines, a ton of grade-appropriate resources, activities, experiments, science fair resources, and printable and projectable resources making connections to the STEM fields.

Science Starters-digital science starter modules that follow the 5-E model with standards-focused content with interactive flashcards and quizzes.


I also got some resources I know specific teachers and staff will enjoy such as a bunch of Maker Space stuff. I'm not sure of the best way to distribute this, but hey i'll figure it out!