Come Visit Raxacoricofallapatorius!

Visit Raxacoricofallapatorius!

Come visit our beautiful resort island just of the coast of Baja! Our hotels our gorgeous and the view will make you stay forever! Please read on to found out about our amazing island country!

Government System

The government of this system is very similiar to the US in that the government is split into three branches. But all members that are elected to each branch can serve up to a total of seven years or they must be impeached or re-elected before they can leave thier term. There are seven members in each branch except the legislature which has a grand total of 49 members so that there is more diversity in opinion. Also, every year one member is re-elected in the executive and judicial branch and seven members are re-elected in the legislature branch.

Our Economic Stance

We are a moderately left socialist country. We believe that the government should have most of the power over the money but other small businesses still have the power to control prices and wages. The government does set the high minium wage of 100 coricoins per hour. A coricoin is equivalent to 10 cents in US currency. This lets small busniesses to decide how they want to make profit wihtout having too much power.