This paper is here to teach you about Women's Ice Hockey at the Olympics, and one of the U.S. team's star players, Hilary Knight. Below you will find information about when the Olympics introduced Ice Hockey to it's events. You also get to learn about Hilary Knight, who has had a very successful career in Women's Ice Hockey.
U.S. Women's Ice Hockey Team Preview
First thing's first, here is a preview of your United States women's ice hockey team for the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

Hilary Knight

Hilary Knight was born on July 12, 1989. In her first year of college she competed for both the Wisconsin Badgers women's ice hockey program, and the Choate Rosemary Hall. in her first year at the University of Wisconsin-Madison she help[ed lead her team to second place in NCAA Nationals. The next year Hilary would lead her team with the most points scored, as they won the National Championship. When Hilary joined the CWHL, she would be drafted third overall, by the Boston Blades. She would also end the season third overall in scoring, out of the entire league. She was also the first ever American Born player to win the CWHL's Most Valuable Player award. In the post season Knight would become the top scorer and help lead the Blades to win the 2013 Clarkson Cup.

A Knight's Ride to Glory

Hilary has dreamed of playing in the Olympics since she was five years old. In an interview about her career she was quoted as saying, "I actually turned to my grandmother when I was five years old, and I told her I was going to be in the Olympics. She looked at me like I was crazy." Hilary started skating when her family moved from California to Illinois, due to her dad changing jobs. At the time there wasn't a girls team for ice hockey in her area so she would have to play on the boys teams. "It was tough. I was the only girl. I remember there were years I didn't make the top team or the team that I should've because the coach didn't want to have a girl on the team or some parent didn't want a girl. I just wanted to fit in, just like anyone else." In the 2010 Winter Games Hilary competed alongside the U.S. team and earned a silver medal.

It’s no secret that Hilary Knight loves to play ice hockey. As Hilary calls it, “between the glass”, is a place where she feels most at peace. "All my worries and problems are set aside, and I feel free," she says. "And the feeling you get when the wind breezes through your hair because you're fast -- it's irreplaceable. “

In an interview Hilary would say “I am honored every time I have the opportunity to represent the United States and compete in the USA jersey. Since it is such a memorable experience, I like to take random pictures throughout my journey with my teammates. Hopefully these will give you a better look at us beyond the times when we are clad in our equipment, competing on the ice or in the gym. It should give you a better feel for our non-gladiator look -- after all, we are the only team who can make navy blue and black look fresh!” It is proof that Hilary loves being a part of the U.S. team, and is proud to represent the Red, White, and Blue.

This year she hopes to shoot for gold as they compete in Sochi, at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. Hilary feels that being part of national teams is hard work, but it's worth it if you’re having fun. Hilary enjoys having a team on the road with her, while she travels the world for national events.
Team USA Women Player Profile: Hilary Knight, Forward
This video gives you a little more of a look into Hilary Knights life. She talks about her life outside of hockey and the opinion that some of her teammates have of her.

Hilary Knight on NBC Today

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This article talks about Hilary Knight's appearance on NBC Today, alongside fellow teammate Meghan Duggan.

The above link will connect you to a website that will let you know almost everything you want/need to know about Hilary Knight. The site gives you some facts about Hilary, and also updates you on her latest tweets, latest Facebook posts, and also gives you a list of companies that have sponsored her.
Hilary Knight After 3 2 Win over Canada US Women's National Team

Hilary Knight Interveiw

This video was an interview of Hilary knight after the US National team beat Canada's team 3-2, on December 28, 2013.
Hilary Knight sick goals and trick shots
This video titled "Hilary knight sick goals and trick shots" has a very proper name. This video shows just a handful of Hilary knights amazing goals she's made throughout her career in ice hockey.

US Wins Opening 3-1 Against Finland

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This article is about the Women's Ice Hockey opening, The United States vs. Finland. In this game the U.S. would win 3-1 in what people are calling a "blowout".

Team USA Women's Hockey Olympic Show: Women Drop Finland in Opener

US Tops Finland 3-1

This video reviews the opening game for the Women's Ice Hockey tournament, in the Winter Olympics. This match would be contested between the United States and Finland.
Canada USA women's hockey fight
There is no love loss between the U.S. and Canada national teams. As you can see in this video fights break out on the ice. Some people even attend games, hoping to see a fight. This fight happened in a national game between the U.s. and Canada, in 2013.

Ice Hockey at the Olympics

Ice hockey has been part of the Olympics since the 1920 Olympic Games. In 1924 ice hockey became a permanent staple in the Winter Olympic Games. The first ice hockey tournament for women was held at the 1998 Winter Olympics. The U.S. women's team has one gold medal, two silver medals, and one bronze medal. This year Canada took gold. For the forth consecutive year. They defeated America three to two in overtime.

Canada Defeats U.S.

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Sadly Canada took home the gold this year. This marks the forth year in a row that Canada has won the gold, and is also Canada's twentieth straight victory in a single match. The linked article will give you a more in depth look at the events that took place, and how Canada defeated the U.S.

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People are calling this game a "gag". Basically whart this means is that they blew it. They had an amazing chance to win, and then screwed it all up. I completely agree. We had the game won and we let our guard down. We could've won the gold medal but what may have been overconfidence, cost us the game.

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U.S. players were devastated by the loss. The linked article above is just a short amount if info describing the feeling if the U.S. team after their loss. There are also pictures of the saddened faces of our team members.
How a Zamboni Works


A Zamboni is the vehicle that is driven around the rink between periods. The purpose of a Zamboni is to shave a new layer of ice so that it's smooth and even for the players to play on. The full process is further explained in the video above.