Too Much Information

Cody wardrip

What does it mean to give TMI?

To give too much information can be both embarrassing as well as dangerous. Too much information can include things such as personal infomation, addresses, phone numbers, and many more.

Why do people do it?

Being online can give you a false since of security which is one of the reasons people share too much.

What is affected by TMI?

You may say oh its my life let me share what I feel like, but that can not only danger yourself but your kids or other reletives. Say you post a picture of your kids at the park today and you put a discription saying billy bob and susy at brandenburgs park today. Well now any creeper can look up you on facebook and know your kids names and the general area you live in. So maybe the next time you go to post something ask yourself how does this not only affect me but others as well, and never forget anything you post NEVER GOES AWAY so say only what you would want possible future employers or other people to see.

How to avoid the "Creepers"

When online you will most likely always glance over the privacy settings button. Well do us both a favor and CLICK ON IT! Set up your privacy so the creepers cant see the pictures of your kids at the park.