Over hunting

by Zachari Holt

Over the last week there has been people over hunting by I36 highway in willowwood town.We have reports from citizens in the city saying they are over hunting to get food for the state fair next week.We have the state fair owner Max plank here this is what he said. "people really should stop hunting I think they should just go to the store and by food from there, we really don't really need to much food for the state fair it is really just a shopping fair not a food fair."The hunters are leaving the environment to die. leaving people with no food.the police are trying to protect are main food source.

the over hunting is bad for the foxes,bears,and hawks because they have to find new homes but usually they don't succeed to find a new home because there homes are destroyed by the hunters.

Call to action

you want to help the police department? Bring trees to plant in the forest by I36 highway to give the animals shelter and if you see any foxes,bears,hawks near you call 816-586-9752 to rescue the animals and bring them back to there environment.