Lebanon News Daily

A little bit about Lebenon

Lebanon is located in the Middle East bordering the Mediteranean Sea.

The capital of Lebenon is Beirut and its population is 3,971,941.

The 1975-90 civil war seriously damaged Lebanon's economic infrastructure, cut national output by half, and all but ended Lebanon's position as a Middle Eastern entrepot and banking hub. In the years since, Lebanon has rebuilt much of its war-torn physical and financial infrastructure by borrowing heavily - mostly from domestic banks.

Lebenons growth rate is 0.5% which isn't a lot. Also Lebenons government type is republic.

2 terms and Questions

The 2 terms for today are Erg and Silt.

Erg a huge area shifting sand dunes in the Sahara .

Now that word in Greek is meaning to work or task.

People work on ergs and they build things on ergs like the pyrmids and stuff because it's a hill and it's tiring to walk up hills and it would take the longer the if it was just a flat serface.

Slit is small particles of rich soil.

And if you have many small particles of rich soil them it makes big piles of rich soil then you have lots of rich soil.

Silt can be used to grow plants and harvest your crops.

It can also be used for farming and you can put silt in like a den so it's not as uncomfortable for your animals.

Now for th questions about Lebenon and see how much you've learned.

If you read well then what is the capital of Lebenon?

Beirut is the captain of Lebenon.

Okay okay we know that the civil war in Lebanon. Went through from1975-90 so how many years far apart is that?

15 years is the answer.

Now for the last question Lebenons growth rate is what percent.

0.5% is the answer.