Mrs. Stewart's Classroom News

December 11, 2015

No Homework Next Week:)

As a special present to my students and parents, there will be no homework assigned next week:) Since the season is busy for kids and parents alike, I thought you could use one less thing to do. Enjoy the time off because we will be back in full swing in January!

Chromatography T-Shirts

We had a fabulous time creating our t-shirts in science today. Please remember to dry the shirts in a hot dryer for 15 minutes before wearing or washing. This will help the Sharpie Ink set in so that it won't run in the wash. The shirts look awesome and were so much fun to make!

Winter Holiday Research Project

We will be completing one more informational essay next week. Students will choose a winter holiday from a different country to research and complete an informational essay to share with the class. I told them about the project this afternoon so that they can think about which holiday they may want to research. The country that they choose may have Christmas traditions or traditions associated with a different holiday altogether. This project will be completed in class during writing. Please discuss this with your child this weekend so they can be prepared to research on Monday.