Please Stop Laughing At Me

By: Jodee Blanco


The book Please Stop Laughing at me by, Jodee Blanco, was about school bullying. There's always those people that "don't fit in" or aren't "cool enough" so others bully them. They get physically and mentally abused. This happened to Jodee in and out of school.

In Jodee's Elementary school year things were really good, she loved elementary school. Until fifth grade, That's when she started volunteering with the special needs at her private school. She got really close with a little girl names Marianne. They would hang out with each other in and out of school and on weekends. Jodee's "best friend" got jealous and she hated it. So she told Jodee that she needs to stop being friends with the "retard" or they we no longer friends that's when things started getting bad for Jodee.

Then Jodee went to Morgan Hill Academy which was her knew middle school. Jodee was friends with the "popular kids" but for only a short period of time Jodee's "best friends" were Callie and Debbie. At Callie's Jodee made a big mistake. That's when the bullying began again. It was so bad that Jodee had to transfer schools and a different distract. Jodee’s family thought she needed help and sent her to a doctor.

Then jodee moved schools again, she goes to Northwest Junior high. She made new friends in the neighborhood Emily,Jim,Sam,Ricki,Robbie,Greg,Jason,Kim,Reese, and Paul. They we best friends until one day Jodee stood up for a kid. Then the bullying started again. Jodee didn't deserve what she got. She was emotionally and physically harassed by her so called “best friends”. Being depressed for Jodee became a normal thing, her bed became her best friend,

One day Jodee got a phone call from her father. He told her that she would be going to Stentorian, Athens. Jodee met NIko,Yorgos, and Vangella. The worse part was saying goodbye to them.

After twenty years of being depressed and hurt physically and mentally, Jodee is finally free. Until her high school reunion. She was scared they were gonna remember her. But they always say "the bully never remember but the outcast never forgets".

Character Analysis

Jodee is a very nice girl and she loves helping people and that's why she gets bullied. Towards the middle of the book Jodee is depressed and hurt. Jodee is lonely she has no one, her parents thinks she's a "misfit" and the other kids bully her.

Conflict/ Resolution

The problem is that Jodee is always trying to fit in with the "popular kids" she knows that shes gonna be a "misfit" with them. they are going to make her do the things that they don't want to do. Jodee just needs to find her little group of friends, they don't have to be popular they can be normal. She needs to find someone that likes the same things as her and likes to help other.


Just cause you don't "fit in" with the popular kids doesn't mean you doesn't mean you don't fit in anywhere. There's always a place that your fit in no matter what.

Textual Evidence

The part that stuck out to me was when the football players were shoving snow in her face. The football players are suppose to represent the school. Help the ones that are bullied. Tell the bully to stop, but they are being the bullies.

Book Review

On a rate 1-5 I'd give it a 5. I'd give it a 5 because it has details in the book. It shows what Jodee did when she was bullied and it tells kids that as your get older the bullying stops. But it also shows that the victim never forgets but the bully does.