Fun Gym Game!! Kick Dodgeball

Awesome Kick dodgeball game for kids 9-15


Awesome kick dodge ball game for kids 9-15. There are 2 teams, and 8 dodge balls. Kids will have a BLAST!!!

*Safety concerns*

This game is really fun, but can kind of hurt. The only really safety concerns is people tripping over each other, and kids getting hit in the head.

Indoor kick dodgeball equipment

The equipment for this game are pretty simple. You will need: 2 teams, 5 kids on each team (optional), 8 dodgeballs (4 for each team), ages 9-15, and an indoor gym.

How to set up kick dodgeball

First off, you will take the kids, and split them up into 2 teams. After that, you will want to put the 8 dodge balls in the middle of the room. Once all of that is set up, someone (preferably a teacher/guardian) will blow a whistle and everyone will charge to the middle to get the balls.

How to play kick dodgeball

Set up balls in the middle, split kids into 2 teams. Then everyone charges for the balls. the game is pretty simple, torso and below count as a hit. once you are hit, you can go in a corner, sit out and wait for a jail break.


1. split the kids up into 2 teams (recommended 5 on each team)

2. place the 8 dodge balls in the middle

3. NO crossing the line

4. headshots don't count

5. if you get hit shoulders or lower you're out

6. hitting the back boards will get 2 of your teammates back in

7. can't touch the ball with your hands

8. no teammate hits

Game Variations

This game is amazing because you can switch it up and make different games that are just as fun or even more. These are some remakes of kick dodge ball but they're just as fun!

-Doctor kick dodge ball (Doctor can heal players that are out)

-Bench kick dodge ball (when you're out you go on the opposite teams benches)

-Fort kick dodge ball (Teams make forts out of mats)

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This game is really fun and easy to play, a lot of people can play, kids love it. With very little safety concerns, no one will get injured and everyone will have a great time.