The Tundra

By:Seth Lemons

The Animals That Roam The Land!

tundra animals include arctic foxes,wolfs and ptarmigan rely on changing coats or feathers to camouflage them. Caribou and muskoxen call the tundra home as do migrating birds such as snow geese, rough-legged hawks and snowy owls.


Considering the climatic conditions.Tundra vegetation is quite rare,The heath and alpine tundra support dwarf, often berry-bearing, shrubs, and the ground between usually is covered with a thick carpet of lichens and mosses.

The People That Survive These Crazy Conditions

Traditional Arctic culture resembles a scattered family on account of social, linguistic, economic and spiritual similarities across more than 5,000 miles of Arctic coast and tundra This culture region borders the subarctic culture region. The Arctic forebears probably trekked from Eurasia eastward across Alaska and northern Canada to Greenland.

Arctic peoples learned to adapt to one of the harshest environments on Earth and subsisted for millennia on resources drawn from sea and land. Previous to the advent of European influence, numerous bands came into routine contact, principally for trade.

In Alaska, these peoples are known as Inupiaq and Yup'ik (eskimos) in Canada and Greenland, they are Inupiaq and Kalaalit (Inuit), respectively.