My Big Bucket List

By:Dylan Werle

Mount Roraima,Venezuela

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Mount Roraima is a mountain and i love climbing.Mount Roraima has a beautiful scenery and natural springs.As you can see it looks like you are on top of the world. And i think it would be cool to see everything for miles.And the last thing has a jungle on the top!!!!!
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Tahiti is a island almost literally made of resorts. It is a expensive trip but you could relax with any stress.In the picture above you can see how clear the water is and the resort above.So it is a awesome place to eventually visit once i save enough money.
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Nambias Skeleton Coast

What would be so fun about this place is the shipwrecks. This place is known for shipwrecks and of course cool adventure.I think it would be cool to look at this place after studying it or something like that.Also i would like to do this with some friends or family.Of course after i save up.

The Bucket End

As you can see these trips are awesome and i cant wait to go to see these places in the future.