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Take a peek at our upcoming week, January 18, 2016.

No School Monday, Janurary, 18, 2016!


"Children get excited and enthusiastic about learning when they are confident, see they can be successful, are having fun, and are praised."

We are very thankful to be blessed with such amazing students, and parents this year. Thank you for all the support.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns. We will do our best to our best to respond within 24 hours.

Also, we are updating our Websites daily. Please check them out!

Policies and Procedures

Our number one goal at Wilder Elementary is to keep your child SAFE! Please be mindful that all of the policies and procedures in place, are designed around SAFETY!

Students in grades 3-5, along with their siblings, should be dropped off in the BACK of the school (by the cafeteria)! This assists with both safety and traffic flow, which ensures a smaller number of students are tardy each day.

Most importantly, NO students should be dropped off along the curb of either Kingsley Drive or Regents Bay Drive, as there is not a staff member out there to monitor those areas! A higher risk of someone getting injured is created when this is done, in the event the car(s) behind you do not realize that you are stopping in a moving lane of traffic.

Please assist us in keeping all students safe, and adhere to these procedures.

Upcoming Testing Dates

01/20 Science CBA

01/22 Reading CBA

03/09 Reading SIM

03/29 Writing STAAR

04/04 Math SIM

05/09 Math STAAR

05/10 Reading STAAR

05/19 Science CBA

Culture Week

Hello Parents!!

Wilder Elementary is celebrating Culture Week, during the week of 1/19/16. The campus is going to have a series of activities to celebrate diversity.

Culture Doll—Each student will receive a paper doll template. Students are asked to decorate the doll to represent their OWN culture. The due date is 1/19.

Adopt a Country:

Our grade level was assigned the continent of Africa.

Ms. Crook’s class has selected the country of: Zimbabwe

Mrs. Neely's class has selected the country of: Ethiopia

Your child will be assigned a topic to research about our country, such as the language spoken, the population, types of food eaten (description or pictures), clothing (descriptions or pictures), traditions, the climate/average temperature, or any interesting facts about the country. This information will also be due on Tuesday, Jan. 19th.

Please ask your child what he/she was assigned and assist him/her with using the internet or other resources to locate the information.

In class we will be creating a flag for our country. The facts and information that is researched, will be added to our flag, to make a display about our country. Next week, we will exchange flags with other classes and grade levels, to learn more about other countries from around the world.

Additionally, on Thursday, Jan. 21st, the campus will be hosting “Cultural Attire Day.” Your child is invited to wear any special clothing or attire to represent your culture!

Do not forget to join us for the PTO Culture Night on Thursday, Jan. 21, from 5:30-7:00pm.

Happy Researching!!

Important Dates

18th Staff Professional Development – No School For Students

19th-22nd Multicultural Week

19th Westside Parent Technology Academy

20th 4th Grade Science CBA #2

20th 5th Grade Math CBA #2

21st 1st Reading CBA #1 & 2nd Grade Reading CBA #2

21st International Festival (PTO) 6:00 – 7:30 pm

22nd 3rd-4th Grade Reading CBA #2

23rd AISD Sea Perch Competition

29th UIL Competition (select events)

30th UIL Competition

30th Wolfpack Dance Team Rockets Performance

30th Gathering Kids Winter Performance

Math and Science Focus Wall

We completed our 2nd Math CBA on Thursday. Grades will be sent home next week. If your child scored below the passing rate, he/she will have the opportunity to come in early one morning and correct the missed problems, in order to raise the grade in the gradebook. Details will be sent home in the note containing your child’s grade.

Next Wednesday, Jan. 20th we have our Science CBA #2. This unit will cover Matter and Energy. Today we were working with electrical circuits. Ask your child to explain the difference in an open vs. closed circuit. J A review packet was sent home today and is DUE on Tuesday, Jan. 19th! My apologies for having to send homework over the weekend, but our days are limited. Thank you for your support!!

After all of our CBA testing and reviews of the tests, we will move in to our next math and science units, which will be Geometry and Angles in math, and Earth’s Resources in science . These units will begin during the week of Jan. 25th!

Science Blurb

I have also included internet-based exploration activities for electrical circuits and electrical conductors, for your child to explore over the weekend. The links can be found in your child’s Science Google Classroom. Login information is in planners and they should know how to log-in to their account!

If they cannot access for any reason, the links are below:

Click the blue Link below for study materials!

ELA Focus Wall

Reading CBA is this week on Friday Jan. 22, 2016.

Writing: Expository Writing

- Transitions

- Conclusions

- Commas

- Apostrophes

-Revising and Editing Skills

Reading: Biography

Author's Purpose


Word Study:

Revising and Editing Skills


Mentor Text:

Bats can see, and they give off high-pitched sounds that echo back from objects to their ears.

~Animals Nobody Loves

~~~~~Are you still reading?~~~~~

What is so delicate that saying its name breaks it?

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