Hoxie High School AMI

Grades 7-8 AMI Learning Guide for Days 36-40

Instructions for Completion

Students shall select activities from the list below for each content area to complete during the week. Documentation of completed activities will be documented on the attached completion survey at the bottom of the page. Students will upload samples of activities in the survey to document completion. This document is mobile friendly. It works well on a phone or tablet. On a phone or tablet, upload a picture of your work or computer screen. If you are using a computer, attach a file or picture as you would to an email.

Activities can be completed in any format: notebook paper, computer, tablet, etc. If students are unable to complete the electronic survey, work samples may be dropped off at the high school office.

Be sure to read the instructions for each subject area. Each subject has different requirements for completion. You are only required to complete assignments in the subject areas you have classes. For example, some seniors do not have a math course this year, so they will not be required to complete the math section. If you have any questions, please call the high school office at 870-886-2401 or email your teacher.

Accommodations for Students with an IEP or 504

  • Select activities that best fit your skill level. If you are unsure of which activities that work best for your child, email your child's teacher. (firstname.lastname@hoxieschools.com)


  • Instead of 3 activities, complete only 2 for the week.


  • Instead of 2 activities, complete only 1 for the week.

Social Studies

  • Instead of 2 activities, complete only 1 for the week.

Literacy Corner (All English Classes)

Choose at least 3 literacy learning opportunities to practice your reading, writing and communication skills. Don’t forget to grab a good book and read daily. (videos and articles are located below)

  • Storytelling: Folktales and/or myths are part of communities and families. Retell a story about an object or photograph that has been passed down from person-to-person in your family and/or community. Remember, many of these stories are embellished by the storyteller. What new details can you add?

  • Heroes: Heroes are all around us. Write about a hero or group of heroes in your family and/or community. What do they do? Why are they heroic in your eyes?

  • Animal Perspective: In the episode Inside Animal’s Minds, you learned about the science behind what animals are thinking. Take a picture of an animal (pet or one outside) OR find a picture of an animal. Write a diary entry from the perspective of the animal in your picture. Consider how it speaks, its daily routine, and what it is thinking about you, other animals, and/or its surroundings. Extension: Create a meme using the picture to summarize or highlight an important part of the diary entry

  • Article and Questions: Read and answer questions from When Butter Was a Food Group: Food and Freedom in World War II

  • Shark Tank: Watch an episode of Shark Tank and complete the chart.

  • Journal Writing: Begin keeping a daily journal or diary on the current pandemic.

  • FREE Choice- What are your interests? Choose a topic and create a document, presentation or performance that will teach someone else about your topic.

Math Mania (All Math Classes)

Choose at least 3 math learning opportunities to build and reinforce your math skills.

  • Khan Academy: If you have internet access, it is recommended that your child utilize the Khan Academy modules with built-in instruction to support math learning at least 3 days a week. Select your grade level or type in the web address and select the GET STARTED button. (Counts as one each day) If needed students may select a different grade, regardless of age. We recommend students spend about 30 minutes a setting on Khan Academy.
Grade 7: https://www.khanacademy.org/math/cc-seventh-grade-math
Grade 8: https://www.khanacademy.org/math/cc-eighth-grade-math
Algebra I: https://www.khanacademy.org/math/algebra
Algebra II: httphttps://www.khanacademy.org/math/geometry
Geometry: https://www.khanacademy.org/math/geometry
PreCal: https://www.khanacademy.org/math/precalculus

  • Garage Sale Dominoes: Mr. Blake knows that there are 28 dominoes in a double-six set. Since nine is 6 + ½ of 6, he estimates that there should be 28 + ½ of 28 dominos altogether in a double-nine set for a total of 42 dominoes. Is Mr. Blake correct in his estimate? Explain your reasoning using words, pictures and/or numbers

  • Would you rather? Which amount of 1-inch square pieces of chocolate would you rather have? Explain the reason for your choice. a. Enough to cover a rectangle with a length of 9 in. and a perimeter of 22 in. b. Enough to cover a rectangle with a length of 5 in. and a perimeter of 20 in.

  • Number Puzzles

○ The temperature was very cold, then it doubled, then it dropped 10 degrees, and then it increased by 40 degrees. The temperature is now 16 degrees. What was the starting temperature?

○ Ali ran twice as far as Wyatt. Wyatt ran 300 m farther than Jayde. Jayde ran ⅓ the distance of Noah. Noah ran 1200 m. How far did Ali run?

○ Andre and Elena are reading the same book. Andre says he has read ⅕ of the book. Elena says she has read 20 more pages than Andre. If Elena is on page 55, how many pages are in the book?

  • Candy Bar Volume:

Material: Candy bar or picture of a candy bar.

Draw a picture of the unwrapped candy bar and label the length, width, and height. Measure the candy bar, rounding to the nearest whole number. Write the measurements on your candy bar drawing and include units. Find the volume of the candy bar. (Volume = length x width x height)

  • What’s Your Rate?

Materials: Paper, pencil, and stopwatch (most phones have one).

Do jumping jacks for one minute and record the number you completed (only count whole ones completed). Write your unit rate, jumping jacks per minute, as a fraction. At this rate, how many jumping jacks could you perform in 10 minutes? How many in an hour? Do you think your rate would remain the same the entire hour? Why or why not? Repeat this activity but hop on one foot instead.

  • Geometry Scavenger Hunt: Find a rectangular prism, cube, cylinder, cone, and sphere. Use standard or metric units to measure each 3-D object to find the volume and surface area. (Hint: Surface Area = Sum of the Areas of all the faces)

THINK Like a Scientist!

If you have any kind of science course, choose at least 2 science learning opportunities for the week.

  • NOVA Sun Lab: Despite its apparently steady glow, the Sun is a churning mass of superhot plasma that regularly produces powerful flares and storms that can knock out power and communication systems on Earth. This Lab explores what makes the Sun so volatile and gives you access to the same data, images, and tools that scientists use to predict solar storms. https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/labs/lab/sun/

  • Field Guide: Go outside, look at the sky, observe the weather conditions for 4 different days. Create your own field guide of clouds and weather by drawing and labeling each one you find.

  • Catapult Construction: Build a catapult to toss something into the air, like a marshmallow or a cheese puff. Use materials you have around the house like a spoon or a wooden spoon, rubber bands, tape, sticks, a ruler, or other household items. Plan your catapult with a drawing. Build your prototype. Test it, and then adjust your design

All About History

If you are in any social studies class (civics, economics, psychology, history, etc), choose at least 2 Social Studies learning opportunities for the week.

  • Great Depression Letters: Imagine yourself as a person from this time period. Ask for help from a Governor, First Lady, President or someone else they think could help. Explain your situation in the form of a letter as a person in the 1930s. Explain the difficulties you are having and how you would like help. Use the resources in the links below to help you.

  • Photo Analysis: Select one of the photographs below from the Great Depression to analyze and complete the Photo Analysis worksheet

  • Great Depression Activity Worksheet

  • Up From the Dust: (Does NOT work in Chrome) In MISSION 5: Up from the Dust, students playing the game assume the roles of Frank and Ginny Dunn, twins growing up on a wheat farm in the Texas Panhandle. The game begins in summer 1929, as the Dunn family is preparing to plant their wheat crop. Drought and the country's economic problems create many challenges for the family. Over the next few years, the Dunns witness how the Great Depression affects not only their neighbors in Texas, but people all across the United States.
Up From the Dust Game

The game MUST be played in Explorer. Will NOT work in chrome. Instructions below

The Arts/Music

If you are in band, choir, or art, choose at least 1 activity from Fine Arts to complete this week.

  • Charades – Use notecards to write down 30 titles of songs you think your family would know. Now gather around and play charades with them! Act out your songs and have some fun with the family! Submit the stack of notecards and a short summary of how it went!

  • Garage Band – Design the cover of music album! Have a tittle, a made-up band name, and some art work. Maybe include a friend or pet in the process! Submit your album cover art.

  • SQUILT (Super Quiet Un-Interrupted Listening Time) –Find a quiet, uninterrupted place to listen to music. Describe the music you are listening to. Use these words as a guideline in your descriptions: tempo, dynamics, timbre and mood. Submit your response.

Healthy Living

If you have a health or PE class, choose at least one activity from the list to complete this week.

  • Enjoy Nature: Go on a 30-minute nature hike and enjoy the outdoors each day.

  • Outdoor Challenge: Ride a bike, jump on a trampoline or shoot the basketball for 30 minutes each day.

  • Step it Out: Log the number of steps you take each day. Try to reach 10,000 steps!

  • Healthy Eating: Log your eating for a day and compare it to the food pyramid recommendations.

CTE Corner

If you are in any business, agri, criminal justice, career orientation, or medical class, choose one activity from the list to complete during the week.

Completion Survey

Click here when finished to complete the survey and upload work samples. This survey works very well on a mobile device when uploading documents. .

  • I don't know what email to use for my child to complete the survey. How do we submit? Only students are able to complete surveys using their school email address and password (the same password that is used to sign in daily at school).
  • What kind of document do I upload for evidence? The survey supports pictures, word documents, and pdf's. On a computer, attach documents they same way documents are attached to an email. On a mobile device, a photo of the completed assignment works well.
  • What if I still can't figure out how to attach a document? You may skip those questions and drop off your work samples at school. The file uploads are not required to submit the survey. The survey itself is also optional, you are welcome to drop off work samples at school in the AMI dropbox.

Please remember we are here to help you. If you have any trouble, please reach out to your child's teacher. Any teacher can be reached through email. Email addresses are on the school website or using the following format: firstname.lastname@hoxieschools.com. There is also a direct link on this document that can be used to ask questions.