Google play v. Apple itunes

Differences and similarities between the two app stores


the gogle play and apple itunes stores have sccentially the same set-up. there is the apps listed toward the bottom, the catagories on the left hand side, and more parts of the store on the left hand side as well. the pricing between the two appstores look pretty much the same to me, most major apps are six or seven dollars, where as minor ones are 99 cente or free.


one of the noticable differences i have found between the two app stores is that google play has a more appealing layout. the page includes pictures along with the apps, where as iTunes just lists the names of the apps


google play focuses more on games and movies more than anything else, where as iTunes focuses on music more than anything, not worrying about the visual attraction of the store.


the mobile versions of each app store is more of a list of apps than anything else. the computer version is better to look at, and is more of an advertisment for other thing in the store, while the mobile version is just a list.


google play

I think that google play is easier to use because you dont have to download it to use it, you just have to sign in.


itunes, therefore, is harder to use because before you can use the app store you have to download itunes and log in before you can use the app store.

app avalibility

google play has 775,000 apps in total, itunes has 800,000. google play has more free apps, but gets more expencive, itunes has less free apps but most of the paid app are cheaper. i believe that itunes has more of the useless apps that you will never use like buttons, and google play doesnt keep useless apps, thats why itunes has more apps.

approval proccess


to submit an app to itunes you first need to pay for an ios developer account, 99$ a year. then you need to make an app id specific to your app. then you send your app to apple, if it gets approved, your in, if it gets rejected, they will give you feedback to get it approved.

google play

to submit an app to google play you need to configure the app, upload the materials for it, then basically submit it. create a release version of your app, then submit it to google play.