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Week of October 21st Curriculum Updates

Reading: Next week we are answering the question, What changes can we choose to make? We will be reading a truly adorable story titled, Scaredy Squirrel. In this story, Scaredy, the main character, is very apprehensive about change. This story gives students a silly and fun perspective of change and how sometimes it really is needed. The reading skills that we are focusing on include determining importance, inferring, and drawing conclusions.

Reading Log- Once again, thank you for your support with your child’s reading log! I'm so proud of the student's hard work with this big task! Writing about a text is a tested skill for third graders. I am confident that the work the students are doing now will benefit them so much later in the year and on the PSSA test! Bravo to all! Keep up the great work!

7 Habits of Happy Kids: Next week the students are going to learn Habit 5 –Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood. Simply put this habit means that it is better to listen first and talk second. By taking the time to listen to another person, you reach a higher level of communication. This habit is best approached by introducing listening as a skill that should be practiced. Learning to listen without interrupting and learn to listen with your ears, your eyes, and your heart will help children build a foundation for this habit. To follow are a few points that I will address with this habit:

· I am confident in voicing my ideas

· I look people in the eyes when talking

· I listen to other people’s ideas and feelings

· I try to see things from their viewpoints

· I listen to others without interrupting

Science- This past week we celebrated Red Ribbon Week with lessons that helped students remember how important it is to always make good and positive choices. NOW it is time to get back to the moon! Next week science will focus on the moon and how different it is from Earth. The following week, there will be a science quiz on the sun and moon. A study guide will go home this coming Thursday.

Math: The unit 2 math test will be on Wednesday, October 30th. A study went home earlier this week and is due on 10/29. I will send a second study guide on Monday. The students will need to show the partial sums and trades first algorithms on the Unit 2 test. Unit 3 will begin the following Monday, November 4th.

Halloween- As you know we will celebrate the spirit of the season on Thursday, October 31st. Children are NOT to wear their costume to school that morning. They should however wear the garments that are needed underneath the costume to make for a “fast” change when they need to get into their costume. Please send their costume in a bag that has their name CLEARLY marked on it. In addition, please do not apply face paint to your child. With an entire school day left after the parade, you can understand why I am asking for no face paint. If your child’s costume includes accessories, please leave them at home as well. Thank you for your support.

Skype I am very excited to add this level of technology to our classroom. The purpose of skype is to enrich the educational experiences of each child! This type of long distance learning is so beneficial for kids! I already made contact with so many different individuals who are willing to talk to the class about their expertise! Here are few things that I am planning right now:

· Exploring space - NASA

· Going underwater with a videographer who films sharks

· Interviewing a Disney "Imagineer" who makes films and theme park attractions

· Sharing our writing with other third grade classes around the country

· Engaging in a mystery Skype program where we have to guess where the other class is based on the clues they give us about their geography

There are so many amazing things that we can do with Skype! It will be a regular part of our school week!

During this interaction, student images will be projected through an internet connection. However, no recorded video will be placed on any public access domain. I will send home a permission slip next week so your child can participate.

November Conferences: Please make sure to sign up for your preferred conference time. Use the link below to access the sign up page. Emails have been sent to all families with the link as well. If you did not get an email, please let me know.

Dental Exams:

This is just a reminder that if your child is missing his or her 3rd grade dental form (which was due on October 15th), then your child will not be able to attend our next field trip unless the form is turned in to the nurse’s office here at school. Please contact the health room with any questions or concerns. You can also contact them to ensure that you did return your form.

Quote of the week!

Ask Me!

Below are a few questions to ask your child about their week.

1. Why is it important to always ask a parent before taking any kind of medicine?

2. How do you determine the important information in a passage or text?

3. How can understanding a pattern help you to solve a problem in math?

4. What does it mean to Think Win- Win?

Weekly Reminders and Updates

Tonight- Haunted Hallway! Third grade students are allowed to attend, but must be with an adult. Students must also have a orange wrist band.

November Conferences:- Please sign up for your preferred conference time.

10/30- Math test

10/31- Parade- 9:30am

10/31- Classroom Fall Harvest Festivities- 11:00- 11:45

11/1- Spirit Day- Team Jersey Day

11/6- Class T-shirts will arrive! :)

A truly Win- Win situation!

This week we learned about Habit 4- Think Win- Win. The video below embodies Win- Win in every way! It is a shining moment for helping others and in turn learning the great feeling that we have when we know that we did help someone else to "win"! Win- Win- is a powerful habit!

W. Oregon Sara Tucholsky first HR - ultimate sportsmanship